The 150 Year Plan – How Men Who Rule the World from the Grave Changed the Course of History

Depending upon your knowledge and perspective, the issues that we face as a nation are interpreted differently by most everyone.  Put another way, there are as many opinions as there are people.  Opinions are a valuable and necessary tool in furthering any debate.  However, not everything is debatable.  Some things rest on facts, leaving little room for debate.  I submit to you that the damage caused by the men I am about to outline is not debatable. They have been responsible for revolutionary change in entire societies, and arguably the world.  These few men, all dead now, each put forth their own plan for change; and, each of these men have profoundly altered the way you live today.  Sure, the Rockefeller or Rothschild families were probably behind their financing, but these men were behind the ideas.  The following is not presented in any rank, or particular order.

charlesdarwinCharles Darwin – Most all of the debates over Creation vs. Evolution can trace their roots back to Charles Darwin.  Anyone who attended any organized educational institution has heard of Charles Darwin; and, probably most home-schooled children as well.  He was responsible for the ground-breaking work entitled, Origin of the Species.  In it, Darwin postulated that evolution was behind the origin of man, not God.  For the evil men of that day, this opportunity to drive a wedge between God and man could not be overlooked.  Overall, Darwin’s work paved the way for Secular Humanism, and the world has not been the same since. 

karl-marxKarl Marx – The architect of modern Communism.  In his widely-read book, The Communist Manifesto, Marx laid out the idea of his communist socialist state.  Marx was responsible for the creation of the now famous “10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.”  If you have any doubt that Karl Marx, and his 10 planks, influence America today, check out this excellent comparison.  Much of the plan to replace God with the state was outlined, in part, by the work of Karl Marx.

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freundSigmund Freud – The “Father of Modern Psychoanalysis.”  Like our first two entrants, there are not many reading this who have not heard of Sigmund Freud.  His influence and writings have touched the lives of millions worldwide.  An Austrian neurologist by trade, Freud gained worldwide fame with his pioneering tactic of dialog between patient and therapist. “Free Association,” by another name.  His work in later years produced the concepts of Id, Ego, and Superego.  The value, and credibility, of Freud’s work is debatable, but there is no doubt that Freud was partly responsible for the lack of personal responsibility that is so prevalent in modern times. Freud believed that the libido, or sexual drive, was behind all human activity.  This philosophy spawned what we know today as the “I am not to blame” crowd.  Freud thought those in organized religion were weak, and he mocked God on many occasions.   

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133723-050-51FCC66FJohn Dewey – Anyone who has ever attended public school has felt the influence of John Dewey.  Period.  For years John Dewey was the most respected educator in the world, and his ideas were taken as “gospel” by his contemporaries. In a nutshell, Dewey postulated that since we have the children captive, let’s do more than just educate them.  Let the school develop social skills, he recommended.   Dewey once stated that, “schools do have a role-and an important one-in production of social change.”  The programs implemented by Dewey, and his ilk, are alive and well today.  Dewey is largely responsible for not making Americans critical thinkers, but productive workers.  Dewey, like Freud, thought belief in God was a crutch; however, unlike Freud, he didn’t generally ridicule believers

keynes_vert-b496c6e9f20ef97ddbb4491927240bb38e458854-s6-c30John Maynard Keynes With the US Dollar as the world reserve currency, an argument can be made that the influence of Keynes has, or soon will be, felt by every person on the globe.  His work is so popular and widely practiced that a whole school of economic thought known as “Keynesian Economics” sprang out of his theories.  Most every member of the banking establishment, and certainly every member of the Federal Reserve, can claim Keynes as their mentor and greatest influence.  Want to know how Keynesian Economics are treating us here in America?  Take a look at this.  Bankers still claim, to this day, that Keynes is a great man, and his theories sound.  Of course they would say that, for following the Keynes way has lined their pockets with our money.  The idea of deficit spending that has broken the back of this nation, born from Keynes.

Historically, there is certainly no shortage of villains; and, the men I outlined here represent just a few of them.  However, these few men have done, collectively, irreparable damage to this Republic.  But, haven’t we allowed them to do so?  I was inspired to write this article by reading this book, 7 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave.  It’s an excellent read and would lend well to further study about these men, and their influence on the world today.

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