13 years after 9/11, we have a President in the White House named Hussein who denies that Islamic terror is Islamic. He calls jihad attacks in the homeland "workplace violence." His close advisers are Muslim Brotherhood. He teams with Muslim Brotherhood groups in America like ISNA and Hamas-CAIR. In 1928, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, was very clear about what jihad was about: "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire world."

11 years after 9/11, the President of the United States had the military stand down when our embassy was attacked on 9/11/12 and our Ambassador and attaches were murdered. He blamed the First Amendment for the jihad attack and said, "the future does not belong to those that slander the prophet of Islam."

While our embassy was under attack in Cairo and Benghazi, the US embassy in Cairo tweeted this out:

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And this too:


13  years after 9/11 and the President of the United States has scrubbed all counter terror materials of the jihadic doctrine and banned all experts on Islamic jihad from speaking to law enforcement or intel agencies.

13 years after 9/11, the President of the United States released the senior leadership of the Islamic group that harbored and provided safe haven to Osama Bin Laden, in exchange for a deserter who joined the jihad, Abdullah Bergdahl.

13 years after 9/11, whole swaths of the Middle East and Africa have been conquered by an Islamic army called the Islamic State, and the President of the United States goes on prime time television on the eve of 9/11 to declare that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. 13 years after 9/11, the President of the United States has switched sides and abandoned our allies. He has aligned with the jihad force in Egypt, Libya, Gaza, Syria ….. and America.

2,996 Americans got up for work on this morning 13 years ago, kissed their children good-bye, told their loved ones they'd see them for dinner, and went to work, and were brutally murdered.

13 years after 9/11, parents are keeping their kids home from school for fear of another Islamic attack.

13 years after 9/11, the few defenders of freedom who dare speak against jihad and the violent teachings that command holy war are blacklisted, demonized and marginalized — their names and reputations destroyed.

13 years after 9/11, rabid anti-semitic Islamic supremacists like Linda Sarsour attack homeless, mentally ill men and demand they be jailed under the sharia and the Mayor of NYC acquiesces, and the White House honors her with a "Champion of Change award."

13 years after 9/11, the Department of Justice vows to criminalize social postings on Facebook and Twitter that offend Muslims.

And today, the terror threat is worse than before 9/10.

13 years after 9/11, the media and the Beltway and academia refuse to answer this fundamental question.

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