10-Year-Old Afghani “Suicide Vest Girl”- Beaten, Enslaved By Taliban Islamist Family Members, Forced To Wear Vest

The 10-year-old Afghani girl also known as the “suicide vest girl” has a harrowing story to tell of Islamic terror at the hands of her father and brother. On Sunday, January 5th, she was caught wearing a rigged vest by border police in southern Afghanistan. At the time she told officers that her brother Zahir, a Taliban commander, had given her the vest and instructed her toward the checkpoint. Instantly, she became known as the “suicide vest girl.” The shocking story ignited a firestorm, but the victim in the story is the young girl herself. Tortured and beaten by her father and brother, the ten year old, known only as Spozhmai, is the victim of Islamic misogyny. Could she have been the potential victim of an honor killing? In Islam’s condoned horrific treatment of women, Spozhmai’s story is all too familiar, but no less tragic.

spozhmaiShe was an unwilling “suicide vest girl,” being forced against her will to wear the deadly vest. The nickname “suicide vest girl” is tragic in itself. It is the product of a hardened numbness that comes from the onslaught of accounts of Islamic horror. With more stories of women taking part in suicide bombings, the idea of a young girl wearing a vest is not as shocking as it should be. From the “Black Widow” suicide bomber to the the Al-Qaeda female suicide bomber “death cult,” the idea of female suicide bombers does not surprise anymore. Women can be just as lethal as their male counterparts.

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But then there is the story of the 10-year-old “suicide vest girl,” and the reality of Islam sets in. Little girls are enslaved and tortured by their male family members, beaten, and treated worse than animals is the reality. This is the real Islam, the vile, horrific, death cult, where no one is spared. Such atrocities are acceptable in Islamic society, the norm.

An Afghan girl has told the BBC that her family forced her to attack a police checkpoint in Helmand province.

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The girl, known as Spozhmai, said her brother and father had beaten her, ordering her to put on a suicide vest.

She was taken into protective custody in the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, after an Afghan soldier spotted her wearing the vest last Monday.

The girl told the BBC that she was forced to wear the vest. She was beaten profusely before the attempted “attack” which ended when she was spotted by a soldier. It is doubtful she even knew how to detonate the vest. But what is true is that she was terrified, but more frightened about what she would face at home at the hands of her father and brother, a Taliban commander.

Police maintain she was forced into the attack by her brother Zahir, thought to be a prominent Taliban commander.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemned the Taliban over the alleged plot, but the group has denied any involvement.

Qari Yousef Ahamdi, a spokesman for the group, stated the story as “government propaganda” and said: “We never do this, especially with girls.”

Female-Suicide-BomberThis is a lie. The Taliban have been routinely noted for using children and women to carry out attacks. As reported by the National Journal  in 2011, “The use of children as suicide bombers represents a new and dangerous evolution of the insurgent threat in Afghanistan, with militants taking advantage of the facts that young boys are easily impressionable and can be either persuaded to carry out such attacks voluntarily or forced to do so by threats to themselves or their families. In a similar shift, the Taliban and its allies have also begun employing women—who typically attract little scrutiny from security personnel—as suicide bombers.” This sounds a lot like the story of the “suicide vest girl.”

Spozhmai told the BBC’s Newsday programme that she had been scared to carry out the attack, but that her brother had promised only her targets would die.

She added that her father had ordered her to return home, but she refused to obey.

I said: ‘No, I will kill myself rather than go with you’,” she said.

The same thing will happen again. They have told me before: ‘If you don’t do it this time, we will make you do it again.’

Here in lies the horror. She would rather kill herself than return home to her captors. The men that one would expect to protect her and keep her safe, are the very ones who brutalize her. This is Islam, the “religion of peace,” where young girls and women are routinely tortured at the hands of their fathers, brothers and husbands. As noted in the Examiner, “It is also perfectly socially acceptable within the Islamic community, for a father to beat his daughter.”

The girl said she had not been allowed to learn to read and write.

“I did all the things at home, I cooked, I cleaned the whole house, and they would treat me badly as if I was a slave,” Spozhmai said.

In her appeal to Mr Karzai last week, the child said: “I won’t go back there. God didn’t make me to become a suicide bomber. I ask the president to put me in a good place.”

The Taliban is the same group of Islamic thugs who shot Malala Yousafzai, in the head and neck in October 2012, while riding a bus home from school in Pakistan. She survived the shooting, but the brutality of Islam in regards to women remains the same. The 10-year old “suicide vest girl” is but the latest atrocity, and it won’t be the last. There will be others. The cycle of degradation is never ending.

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