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School Cancels Veterans Day Ceremony… Because of 21 Gun Salute

21-gun-salute-B Yesterday, America honors its men and women in uniform for their bravery and sacrifice, unless that is, you live in Wisconsin’s Eau Claire School District where celebrating our liberties and freedoms should only be done when it’s convenient and politically correct. According to The Week the school district has cancelled its Veterans Day program because […]

Turkey Now Officially Partners With ISIS

syrian1 'Sherko Omer,' the son of a successful businessman in Iraqi Kurdistan, initially went to Syria to join the Free Syrian Army's fight against Bashar al-Assad, but found himself sucked in to ISIS, unable to leave. He was given a job as a "communication technician," and worked at the ISIS communications bureau in Raqqa until he […]

Marine Calls Out Obama at White House on Election Night

white-house-flickr Sgt. Manny Vega is a former Marine who is now an active member of the Patriot Militia. On Tuesday Night he left a victory celebration in Virginia to personally deliver a message to Barack Hussein Obama, while standing outside The White House. Vega was "armed" with nothing more than a megaphone and his first amendment right to free speech: reports: On the […]

Two More Years of Permissive Destruction

barack-obama-nancy-pelosi-harry-reid-mitch-mcconnell-john-boehner-from We see that this administration, along with the state-controlled media, is relentless when it comes to lying to the American people in an attempt to sway the people to see things as the way that they would have you see things. As I wrote in a previous article, we can see that Barry likes to […]

There are no Rights without Jesus Christ

god not government Imagine you were playing football against a very determined opponent and a new rule was introduced. According to this new rule of play, your team could actually never have possession of the football. Every time you received a kick-off, or recovered a fumble, or intercepted a pass, or even when you took over on downs, […]

Will Non-Citizens Determine Outcome of Midterm Elections?

20120515-210228-pic-448872373 As illegals have flooded our borders over the past few years, and more specifically the actual orchestration of bringing them here by the Obama administration, the potential to rig the 2014 elections are more vulnerable than ever. Now a new study reports that the non-citizen vote (which is illegal) may just work its way into […]