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Genesis 3D: Bringing the Creation to the Big Screen

Genesis3D_Wallpaper_Poster Following the release of Dr. Kent Hovind on July 8, I had the pleasure of speaking with his son, Eric Hovind, about the release of a brand new film set to be completed in July 2016. The Genesis 3D movie will detail the Creation account from the Book of Genesis like nothing seen previously. Creation […]

Geraldo Rivera Should Watch His Mouth - Remember the Last Time He Got in a Fight?

her-copy A Fox News debate on immigration got pretty personal and ugly over the Donald Trump controversy as Fox's The Five discussed Trump. Jesse Watters credited Trump for his outspokenness and called President Obama a "skinny community organizer" while Geraldo Rivera took offense to this and scolded him for being "disrespectful." Things went downhill from there as Eric Bolling got into the mix and told Rivera he […]

Treason & the Sacrifice of SEAL Team Six on Extortion 17

extortion_0_1434033689 It is painfully obvious to me, and most of you who will read this article, that our government is not our government any longer. The incestuous relationship between those who wield power in America and the Global Banking Cabal has all but destroyed the very fabric of this once great nation. And, let us not […]

Honoring a Fallen Soldier and His K-9

Screen-Shot-2015-03-10-at-3.43.57-PM In a video that continues to make its rounds across the internet, the Delta Airlines Honor Guard remembered a fallen soldier and his K-9 in a brief ceremony as the soldier was brought home. The event took place took place on February 13, 2013, but has recently spread in viral fashion across the internet in […]