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Who is Behind the Terror & Chaos?

10967503_918876054812498_571993282_o “You can get people to do anything with the use of fear.” -Congressman Jim McDermott after September 11, 2001 The mainstream media continually pushes fear, as if they are transmitting a message on the behalf of America’s enemies. ISIS wants you to fear their barbaric methods of killing, in hopes of paralyzing those that would […]

LEAKED EVIDENCE: Sen. John McCain Involved In Major Islamic Conspiracy To Establish Islamic State

mccainisis Recently revealed conversations between the Pentagon and the Gadhafi regime in 2011 show that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was serving the Muslim Brotherhood by pushing a false narrative to justify the removal of Muammar Gadhafi, as has reported. With the help of corroborating evidence, we're closer to proving that Republican Senator John McCain was […]

Obama Defends Islam in Remarks about Jordanian Pilot being Burned Alive by Islamic State

slander-prophet-islam-mohammad-barack-hussein-obama-muslim The operative speaketh. Whatever ideology they are operating under is "bankrupt." Whatever ideology? That's his default narrative in the wake of jihadi attacks. Scrubbing, whitewashing and sanitizing Islam. As for "bankrupt," the Islamic State is the richest Islamic terrorist group in the world. And their daily oil revenues are in the millions. The Islamic State was quoting Quran chapter and […]

Video: Police Take Down Deranged Gunman in Newsroom

000a1838-642 A national news broadcast in the Netherlands was hijacked on Thursday by a gunman who apparently hoped to send a message to the entire country, but who, instead, found himself rapidly arrested by Dutch police. Post by Michael Yon. Footage of the attack was caught on a live television feed at NOS, the country's biggest […]

White House Claims Taliban Not a Terrorist Group

20150128_529_schultz If it seems like the Obama administration is full of thick-skulled, faux-intellectual elitists… it's because the perception is reality. On Wednesday, deputy press secretary Eric Schultz continued the White House's recent game of word play by refusing to call the Taliban a "terrorist" group. Instead, Schultz, chose to call the evil terrorizing Taliban an "armed […]