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Never Ever Use the Word Inflation – EVER!

we-told-you-wed-be-talking-about-inflation Last night, I was watching a mainstream media "news" story about inflation. The word inflation was never used. The correspondent discussed every aspect of cost increases and danced a beautiful word-dance, of course with a gigantic, glowing smile but never once addressed the elephant in the room. I explained to my wife that the correspondent […]

D-Day Tribute: Normandy - A Hero Returns

LOD_SM_Normandy Editor's Note: I apologize for not getting this up yesterday. However, it is a wonderful video that reminds us of the "Greatest Generation" and what they sacrificed. This year marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, one that is probably the last significant anniversary for a number of WWII veterans. As the years go on, the […]

Bowe Bergdahl – Then and Now

Afghan Captured Soldier There's a lot we know of deserter/possible traitor Bowe Bergdahl – some we still don't know, and more that is coming to light – both of his situation and that of his oddball father Bob. In 2010, a military investigation found that in 2009 Bowe did in fact walk off base and this evidently wasn't […]

Was Bowe Bergdahl Working With Taliban Against US Soldiers? “IEDs started going off directly under the trucks. They were getting perfect hits every time.”

Bowe_Bergdahl_37 The number of deaths of American Soldiers associated with the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl has now been estimated as high as 14, as reported yesterday by The Gateway Pundit: Colonel David Hunt told Bill O'Reilly tonight that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter. "Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter. Bergdahl on June 20, 2009 crawled underneath a wire at his fire base with water, food, […]