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Whom do you fear? God or man?

10876714_890111011022336_329388290_o "Fear thou not; I am with thee." – Isaiah 41:10 That which we see unfolding in America on a daily basis indicates that it is certainly a very fearful period of time to be alive. But I ask, "Who should be afraid, and what should they fear?" Crisis after crisis are taking place, and many of […]

Black Sheriff: Race Relations are Worse under Obama - He Built That!

clarke12 nws kwg 1 Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recently blasted the Obama administration's divide races and conquer strategy as being "destructive for America." The outspoken constitutional sheriff appeared alongside FOX News host Megyn Kelly to discuss a FOX News poll that indicated that a majority of those surveyed believe that, under Barack Obama, race relations have gotten worse. […]

All I want is a New Gun for Christmas!

ralphie In this two-part episode, award–winning investigative journalist Ginny Simone asks: Still searching for a new gun for Christmas for the gun enthusiast on your list? J.B. Gates and James Shute of Nova Firearms in McLean, Virginia showcase some of the hottest items this holiday season. If you're still looking for an even more awesome battle […]