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Barack Obama and Teenaged Girl Commit The Same Offense: Helping Islamic Jihadists - She’s Looking at 15 Years

Screen-Shot-2014-07-03-at-2.40.45-AM Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri has been described as many things ranging from terrorist to genius. A former chemistry student whose hobby is developing and experimenting with explosives, he has an ambition to blow up the West. The 32 year old implanted his brother with a non-metallic explosive in order that he could assassinate a Saudi Prince. The device […]

Police Plan 4th of July No Refusal Blood Draw DUI Checkpoints

25891bloodtest_678x320_front Most people know that I despise checkpoints. I think they are completely unconstitutional. If you aren't breaking the law, there is no need for peace officers to be stopping you. However, across America these peace officers are not only planning to perform these unconstitutional acts, but they will be implementing a mandatory blood draw at […]