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How the Corrupt Tree is Nourished!

367cb2d4a26a93c308182cd798cb99b0be3f7a4b “Americans can only allow the can to be kicked down the road for so long before it ends up going over the cliff.” Amos 5:7 Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, Americans receive the same depressing and oppressing news from media resources nationwide concerning the corruption in their […]

Claudio Grass: Global Uprising, Refugees, and Gold

gold-and-silver-bars-720x340 YouTube comment from Edward Huitt – An on the ground report: I live in Switzerland, 400 meters from the French border. I teach English, and half of my students live in France. They have told me that the French border crossings, to go into France, are now typically a half hour to 45 minutes if […]

Black Friday 2015 Video Hall of Shame

Black-Friday-2015-Hall-of-Shame American shoppers continued to embarrass themselves in the eyes of the world during yesterday's shopping extravaganza. While smart shoppers stayed home and avoided the insanity by ordering gifts online, the melees were alive and well in malls and big box stores across the country. When it becomes difficult to tell the difference between that giant […]