The video is not pretty. It's not easy to watch. It's reprehensible for what it shows. Some argue that it highlights black on white crime. Others say it doesn't because the white youth who was beaten was due to the fact that he would not buy drugs from one of the black youths. Here's the video and you can watch it yourself.

As if to prove that this episode had nothing to do with race, when it was reported on CNN, race was never mentioned. Yes, the race of the three blacks can easily be seen as well as the race of the youth being beaten. The problem though is that no one is willing to talk about black and white crime, except for people like Colin Flaherty ("White Girl Bleed a Lot") and Taleeb Starkes ("The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community"). Of course, Flaherty and Starkes are both vilified, misunderstood, and denigrated on a regular basis for what they have written.

The real problem here is why three young black boys decided to attack one white boy. The three perpetrators - Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight, and Lloyd Khemradj, all 15 years old - were arrested and charged with aggravated assault against the 13-year-old white boy. Reddin was also charged with unarmed robbery because he took money from the victim after the beating.

Did you know that whites really can't be victims?

Did you know that whites really can't be victims?

The back story? "An investigation revealed one of the suspects had tried to sell drugs to the victim in a school bathroom. The victim notified officials at the school. Later that day, the suspects and victim rode the same school bus home."

This beating could have been pay back for that event. This may also be why police have decided that there was no hate crime.

Imagine though if three whites had chosen to beat up one black. Imagine what would be on the news and how it would be portrayed and dissected. One person commented after the story that there was no hate crime because the white kid refused to buy drugs then ratted the black kid out. It would have happened to anyone who ratted them out. But if the roles were reversed with three white kids beating the tar out of one black, would any back story have mattered?

The overall problem stems from a belief system that espouses whites have not been victims of institutional racism as blacks have been. Because of that one belief - when whites are victims, it just doesn't matter, especially to people like Eric Holder. Holder - and many other racist blacks - see all whites as racist. As one individual stated, "Eric Holder and the Department of Justice - and this goes to his boss Barack Obama - they believe fundamentally that the United States is a racist nation to its core, that it's part of our DNA, that the Constitution is a racist document, that it's a toll of what oppression, that the United States has always been a racist country, it always will be a racist country, it cannot be helped because it's part of our DNA, as long as the United States exists in its current form, it is going to be racist. So Barack Obama and Eric Holder they see that their role, their job, is to punish America for its racism."

This is clearly seen in what Eric Holder has said and done since becoming Attorney General. J. Christian Adams who used to be part of the DOJ, resigned after he realized that under no circumstances would blacks be indicted for crimes against whites. The sad reality is that "in Eric Holder's world, and he's been very straightforward about this, he's never going to prosecute someone if the victim is white, he's just not going to do it. Because in his world, by definition, whites can only be perpetrators. It's impossible, in their worldview, for a white to be a victim, they can only be perpetrators and blacks can never be perpetrators, they can only be victims."

This appears to be a growing belief among many blacks. The three blacks who assaulted the one white youth did so because whites have forced blacks to become drug dealers. Whites are the real perpetrators here who have robbed potential from blacks and squeezed them all into small areas of large cities where they kill one another. The fact that these three blacks beat up one white is ultimately the white kid's fault, as the twisted belief goes.

This abject hatred by certain blacks toward whites is based solely on faulty reasoning. It's the faulty reasoning of Critical Race Theory that promulgates "white privilege" and a plethora of other false beliefs (like the one I heard the other day that it is impossible for blacks to be racist). These erroneous beliefs do two things: they falsely accuse innocent people (whites) and they provide a pass for the aberrant and even criminal behavior of those blacks toward whites. As their hatred grows, so too do the instances of crime toward whites.

This is what political correctness has done to our society because it teaches people to make decisions not based on absolute truth, but on emotional virtue or relativism. Emotional virtue has no capacity to make a truthful decision. It can only make a decision based on how a person feels about something. This is why tears were shed for Trayvon Martin because he was such a "good boy" or "an angel" and was too young to be taken out of life so soon. Emotional virtue tells people to feel sorry for Martin because he was killed by a "white" person and according to PC thinking, whites are always seen as the oppressors, with blacks and others as the victims.

The three black youths who were arrested for beating the white kid are already out of jail. They could have killed the white kid with the way they were punching and kicking him. Do you think they care? Not at all. Do you think Eric Holder and other black racists care? No, because according to their belief system, whites are the problem and blacks act as they do because of decades of abuse by whites. It's payback. It's blacks reaching toward equality and equity. It'll take some time for the scales to balance and they don't mind waiting.

It appears as though society is trying to make it so that if a white person defends himself from an attack by blacks (or other minorities), that white person is still wrong. In this case, the white 6th grader tried to crawl under the seat in front of him but still could not escape the beating. God forbid he had tried to defend himself. He laid their like a slug and took what was dished out to him, suffering two black eyes and a fractured hand.

Sorry Holder, this white kid IS the victim. It's not open season on whites just because you are a racist and your hatred of whites blinds you.

You know the global elite who placed you and Obama in office? Most of them are white, Holder. Guess what? You're still a slave to white "owners." You're just too stupid to realize it.

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