We've heard anguish and distress from our Leftist friends concerning Russian hacking and the great threat it imposes on our election process. While there has been very little sufficient evidence produced to back these irrational claims by the liberal media, this has done little to stop discombobulated liberals all over the country from actively working to delegitimize these election results.

It’s time for liberals all across this nation to ask themselves some tough questions.

I have a simple but meaningful suggestion to the individuals who refuse to accept the outcome of this election, focus on the real threat to our republic.   That threat is one that can be validated with credible information.

The most severe threat to our republic is the "purchasing" of our elected officials by wealthy lobbyists and donors. This occurs every election from the highest office in the land right down to the local level.  By pouring millions of dollars into our political process, they quietly, but efficiently, buy the votes and actions of our elected officials.

Simply investigate politicians who enter the political field as a " public servant" and leave many years later unbelievably rich.

I will not list all of the known big money players who use their cash to curry the favor of those people for whom you've given your vote.  However, as a good example, let me offer up the name of one George Soros, who makes the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton dance to the tunes he plays.  This shameful game is not played by just one party.

It's absolutely vital that we put a system in place with more effective controls and checks placed on the power of lobbyists and donors to buy our "civil servants" coupled with term limits.

Let’s assume it’s exceedingly crucial for the average American to be made aware of the vulnerabilities of our political process. I encourage all to look into the corruption of our politicians through lobbyists and special interests. Let's refrain from pointing the finger at the Russians simply because it fits into some political narrative driven by the media.

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