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Did The West Create Chaos In Crimea and Ukraine?

UkraineProtests While western media and politicians are up in arms about Russia’s “Invasion” into Ukraine, they are not admitting to how western nations like the United States are involved in creating the power vacuum in the first place that Putin is taking advantage of. Crimea overwhelmingly votes to leave Ukraine for Russia, as 60,000 troops are […]

Al-Qaeda’s Man of the Year

B1BD7F39-AB99-492D-85B3-B12165E184E3_mw1024_n_s Like most political organizations, Al-Qaeda has different factions in its ranks. One of the issues that separate its members in recent times is the issue of "The Al-Qaeda Man of the Year."  The more conservative factions - the right wingers - are totally against the idea because they feel that the very idea is blasphemy […]

Secession Movement Sweeps All 50 States

secession Since my first report of Texas and Louisiana residents petitioning the federal government to peacefully withdraw from the United States, the numbers have grown, until now all 50 states have petitions going and many of them have already succeeded in making their goal and topping the 25,000 necessary signatures, which triggers an official response from […]