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Tom Tancredo Targets Chris Christie With New PAC

2014-05-21T233802Z_1_CBREA4K1TNQ00_RTROPTP_4_USA-e1415394330395 Former two-term gubernatorial candidate and Congressman Tom Tancredo is forming a political action committee to "stop Chris Christie" from getting the GOP nod for president in 2016. The reason? As chairman of the Republican Governor's Association, New Jersey Gov. Christie channeled money into an ad campaign against Tancredo when he was running against several other Republicans in […]

Numbers USA And Its Agenda 21 Connections Exposed

numbersexposed Many Americans have recently become outraged about Agenda 21. Global warming has also been proven to be a lie. But what no one has talked about yet is how organizations that are heavily supported by the patriot community are supporting this agenda and more. The Democrats are overtly supporting this agenda while the Republicans are […]