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The State of the TEA Party- Part III

logo-teaparty When the TEA Party arose in 2009, we predicted that it would turn its adherents into cynical, whipped puppies. Having ridden the dead horse of electoral politics for seven years does not mean they have to sit on the dead animal, world without end. Growing up on the porous Mexico border in Laredo, I was […]

The State of the TEA Party- Part II

logo-teaparty When Ron Paul's team ran a money bomb campaign on the 2007 anniversary of the original Boston demonstration, the TEA Party movement was born, finally going to scale in early 2009 – eventually leading to three consecutive landslide electoral victories for the GOP, and we find ourselves worse off today than ever. The TEA Party […]

The State of the TEA Party

logo-teaparty America is at war. And, because most Americans have no idea who our real enemy is, we continue to waste our passion, money, and time fighting one another rather than our common enemy. The war for America is not GOP vs. Democrat, or Progressive vs. Conservative. It isn't even sexual perverts vs. the other 99% […]

The Seamless Web of Liberty

Screen-Shot-2015-03-25-at-11.46.48-AM-1024x665 Many people think the Internal Revenue Service was violating civil liberties when it harassed tea party groups. After all, the groups were targeted because they wanted to exercise their civil liberty to challenge government policies. However, the specific issue in the IRS case was the groups' application for tax-exempt status, which seems to be an […]

Ideas, Not Politicians

rep-vs-rep Conservative social media is a very depressing place these days. It's not just all the people on the same side hurling hate at each other. It's the fragmenting of a once united movement into candidate partisan groups that circulate talking points and fight culture wars against "outsiders." This isn't the Tea Party. It's little cults […]

We Are A Conquered Nation

marxist-victory It's time to take the gloves off.  For decades, I have been writing that the Progressives, who have ruled our nation since 1988, have been using every tactic at their disposal to transform America from the indispensable nation to a disposable dystopia.  I have railed against the open border mass immigration importation of Democrat voters […]

Allen West, Another Neo-Con

120625_allen_west_shinkle_328 Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor conservative, but old as Babylon and evil as Hell. -Edward Abbey, American author And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Therefore have […]

Boehner Defends Criticisms

boehner After receiving some unfavorable publicity for retaliative actions, John "sore spineless winner" Boehner has graced the cameras with his presence to defend criticism from his conservative critics. Boo hoo Boehner stated he was being "unfairly painted" as some of the problem in Washington when "he has brought conservative principles and transparency back to Congress." Yes, […]

RINO Revenge: Graham, McCain Remove Tea Party Foes

McCain-Graham-2-620x357 Senators and BFFs John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are removing their adversaries from their state Republican parties to control campaign funds and party politics. According to Politico, McCain is seeking revenge on the state party that had him censured by having his political team engage "in an aggressive and systematic campaign to reshape […]

Watchdog Group Sues IRS Over Monitoring US Churches

newsphoto-churchirs-072114 Back in July, you may recall that the Internal Revenue Service settled a 2012 lawsuit brought by the anti-theist group Freedom from Religion Foundation. According to the terms of that settlement, the IRS agreed to monitor Churches, something that is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. Because the anti-theists settled, the details of how […]

The Establishment Almost Had Me

tea-party-vs-gop Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter almost had me convinced the other night. They almost had me. I think even Mark Levin hinted at it. Elect Republicans, any republican, to stop Obama's agenda and get rid of Harry Reid. Ann Coulter was so animated over it that I thought she was going to melt down. She […]

Why the Tea Party Failed

1280px-Gadsden_flag-reimagined.svg The tea party movement failed - was co-opted by RINOs and lying progressives - because it was never founded on principles.  It was founded on slogans: "limited government," "the Constitution," "stop the spending," and "abolish the fed."  But they didn't have a principled understanding of these concepts.  They didn't know what the federal government was supposed to […]