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Trump Shows His Progressive Side on Taxes

trump2 Before all of you Trump fans get mad at me, please understand, I am doing this because I am for you and for America. I am a supporter of the Fair Tax, I've signed multiple petitions, written my representatives and even advocated on my personal social media pages. I like the Flat Tax too, but I […]

“You? A Tax Evader?”

global-citizen It's no secret that governments worldwide are broke. One country after another is cutting social benefits and taking other measures to reduce government spending. Take France, for instance. It's under pressure from the EU to reduce its budget deficit to 3% of GDP. That's the maximum permitted under the Maastricht Treaty, the agreement underpinning the […]

Once Upon a Time in America

6355404323_ac5691e105_o_d The following is an editorial I have submitted to our local newspaper.  The catalyst for this editorial is a situation where our County Commissioners passed a child adoption perk for full-time County employees without public awareness of it.  This perk was passed in 2013, evidently, but didn't come to public light until our County Commissioner […]

Could “Pot for Potholes” Fill State Budget Gaps?

Marijuana Marijuana sales have been favorable for Colorado. Scoff at this idea if you'd like, but Colorado has collected at least $68 million in marijuana tax revenue during the fiscal 2014-2015 year. Now, other states are considering legalizing recreational marijuana, taxing it, and using the profits to improve and repair roads. There is a heated battle to stop […]

Expats, Pensions & Taxes – Oh My!

expats Recently, I received a message from a client in Mexico. After years of suffering the indignities that US citizens living abroad experience, courtesy of Congress and the IRS, he's now considering expatriation – giving up his US citizenship and passport. My client, whom I'll call "Mike," asked me about our clients' experience receiving Social Security […]

We Are A Conquered Nation

marxist-victory It's time to take the gloves off.  For decades, I have been writing that the Progressives, who have ruled our nation since 1988, have been using every tactic at their disposal to transform America from the indispensable nation to a disposable dystopia.  I have railed against the open border mass immigration importation of Democrat voters […]

Memorial Day Patriotism

150525-thousand-flags What if I asked you, "Do you feel Patriotic paying taxes to fund the central government's nationalization of the banks, the insurance industry, the automobile industry, the health care industry, and now local police forces or the use of the American military for unconstitutional and immoral, wasteful wars for empire?" I am assuming that if […]

Congressman: We Need More Taxes!

hank johnson The boil on the butt of Georgia has opened his mouth and not only put his foot in it, but confirmed himself as Obama's Scarecrow – as most Democrats are. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), in an interview with WABE radio stated, "If everyone is paying their fair share of taxes then we certainly should and […]