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The US Promotion of Democracy Destroys Democracy Overseas

Crisis-in-Ukraine-640x359 It was almost ten years ago when, before the House International Relations Committee, I objected to the US Government funding NGOs to meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine. At the time the "Orange Revolution" had forced a regime change in Ukraine with the help of millions of dollars from Washington. At that time I told the Committee: […]

The Continuing Al-Qaeda Threat

US-POLITICS-CONGRESS-SECURITY Appearing last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that he could not say the threat from al-Qaeda is any less today than it was ten years ago. It was a shocking admission. Does he mean that the trillions of dollars spent fighting the war on terrorism have resulted […]

15 More Benghazi-Related Victims Murdered: Does it Matter Now Hillary?

o-HILLARY-CLINTON-RON-JOHNSON-facebook Wednesday the Senate finally made a statement about Benghazi. A bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee has found that the State Department could have likely prevented the death of four Americans in Benghazi if they would not have ignored the intelligence reports and pleas for assistance from our diplomatic mission. The findings are that increased security was needed. USA Today reports: Congressional Democrats for the first time joined […]

Seattle Bowing to Islamic Supremacists

islamonazis Last Thursday, my law firm, the American Freedom Law Center, or AFLC, on behalf of my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, filed a motion asking the federal court in Seattle, Wash., to order the King County transit authorities to run our anti-terrorism advertisement featuring photos of 16 of the world's Most Wanted Terrorists. The […]