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Socialist Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

social-justice.312132658_std In my previous article on "Social Justice," I began to expose the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." I am referring to noble-sounding, but ill-conceived government initiatives that insidiously displace individual rights and freedoms with collectivist goals. This can be expected as evidenced by the fact the insignia for the Fabian Socialists is a wolf-in-sheep's clothing. Certainly, […]

SOCIAL JUSTICE - The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

social_justice The buzzword in government these days is "Social Justice." At a recent government event, a new caucus was established, proudly proclaiming their goal is to promote Social Justice. A real estate agent recently set me a letter requesting contributions for a new group she established for purposes of promoting Social Justice. Seems like all you […]

Socialism is Tyranny Based on Good Intentions

042215_2236_Socialismis1.jpg Yesterday while driving to work, I was pleased to see the following sign up at my local dry cleaners:  "Socialism is tyranny based on good intentions." Southside Cleaners - Launderers901 S. Florida Ave.Lakeland, FL 33803(863) I frequent this business about once a week to drop-off and pick-up my wife's work clothes, and I often […]

The Death of the Left

3678955749_a45780b2ca The left is winning, but for the left winning is indistinguishable from dying. The West didn't defeat Communism; it held it at bay long enough for it to defeat itself. The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China crushed Communism more decisively than Goldwater could have ever dreamed of. The embargo didn't turn Cuba […]

Hillary Clinton: Inspired by Saul Alinsky

Hillary-difference-610x400 WOW! This is one name that seems to be out there so much today with e-mails that are under question, and her approach to answering questions about the e-mails seems to be just like her answers to Benghazi: "What does it matter?" But Hillary Rodham Clinton has not had trouble around her just since she […]

Liberal Democrats Are Socialists in Disguise

socialism-thatcher-600x385 There are two types of Liberal Democrats: sincere ones and insincere ones. The sincere ones think you are too stupid to know what's good for you and what's bad for you. The insincere ones hope you never find out the difference. The sincere ones are easier to spot. They are blatant in what they think […]

America - A Bastion of Socialism

socialist-america "Well, this is it. The last bastion of pure capitalism left on Earth. Buy low, sell high. Fear? That's the other guy's problem. Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the absolute carnage you are about to witness. Super Bowl, World Series - they don't know what pressure is. In this building, it's either […]

Food Lines Coming?

FTxwCYc Americans willingly stand in line for hours waiting for a store to open during Black Friday or to purchase tickets to a sought-after football game or concert. They don't mind freezing in the cold, sleeping in a tent on the side-walk hours and days before the store opens – they want to save $50 on […]

Appeasement of Republicans

gop Headlines abound in every internet search engine showing the media asking the question, "Can Republicans lead?" Even McClatchyDC is asking the same question with the headline continuing "That's what they – and others – want to know." According to this article, Republicans have concerns about taking leadership. Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN) stated, "We're on probation, […]