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Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly

podgorski Connnecticut State Police Maj. William Podgorski, one of the lead investigator in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, died earlier this week. Podgorski, 49, died on Monday following a brief illness and surgery. The illness was undisclosed, but the New Haven Register reports: Sometime after surgery on Friday, Podgorski was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital from […]

Petrified, Emotional Useful Idiots Like Shannon Watts Advance Bloomberg's New Anti-Gun Group

Gun-safety-advocate-Shannon-Watts-111113-MSNBC Last week I received an e-mail from my good [email protected] regarding Michael Bloomberg's latest attempt at confiscating all our guns. The e-mail blast said that Bloomberg will be spending $50 million on gun reform. Now since I don't know what "gun reform" is I read on, asking myself whether I believe my guns needed reforming? […]

Connecticut Gun Registration Forced on Gun Owners

Image: Nancy Wyman, Neil Heslin, Dannel P. Malloy, Nicole Hockley The old adage "history tends to repeat itself" is truer than anyone can imagine. Any student of history knows how Hitler disarmed the German people; he initiated gun registration. On January 1, 2014, the State of Connecticut's new gun laws go into effect which left Connecticut residents standing in long line to register their semi-automatic […]

America's Domestic Cold War Looms Behind Growing Tyranny

Riot_Control_Marines The battle lines are drawn. The great war between America's government and her people fast approaches. No, this isn't some dystopian near-future science fiction scenario. This is present-day America we're talking about. There's a growing hostility between the U.S. government and certain incorrigible freedom-loving citizens, with the live-and-let-lives caught on the side of their more […]