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DC Decriminalizes Pot - Obama Tells Feds To Not Interfere with States’ Rights Issue

pot-law For Washington, D.C. residents caught with marijuana, the penalty is now a $25 fine, similarly to littering. Unless its on Washington, D.C.'s abundance of federal land where marijuana possession still carries a hefty penalty. Passed by the D.C. City Council in March, the decriminalization law significantly reduces the penalty for small-scale possession, which previously included fines […]

Mitt Romney 2016? Is the GOP Going to Back Him Again?

mitt romney I confess, I have had enough of Mitt Romney, but apparently many people in America still want the guy to run… again in 2016. According to a University of New Hampshire/WMUR-TV poll, 30 percent showed support for the two time failing former governor among current GOP runners. Apparently, some are thinking Mitt Romney 2016 has […]

Obama’s Secret Drone Assassination Memo Released

drone The United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a Freedom of Information Act request be granted with regard to a memo which has been used to justify the assassination of American citizens by drone strikes on foreign soil. While Congress made threats to obtain these documents, they never followed through. The memo […]

America’s Alleged Allies are Funding ISIS in Iraq

isis-soldiers-marching-685x320-600x280 The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is currently storming its way through Iraq, was funded for years by rich donors from our supposed allies in Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. According to The Daily Beast, Kuwait's involvement is an ironic twist since back in 1990, the U.S. attacked Iraq in order to liberate […]

The GOP Establishment ‘Endorses’ Ted Cruz 2016

ted_cruz2 Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the Republican establishment's man in 2016. No, really, you read that right. I haven't gone crazy, and Cruz hasn't gone Colonel Kurtz, like so many other conservatives we send to Washington, D.C., have. Once they breathe in the airborne contagion known as RCV ("ruling class virus"), the only known cure […]

Charleston SC Becomes 9th GOP County to Censure Lindsey Graham

lindseygraham-sad The Charleston County Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham by the vote of 39- 32 tonight. This makes the 9th local Republican Party to censured Graham this election season. The Charleston County Party is located in the "low country" which is considered a Graham stronghold. The fact that Graham was censured by executive […]

Big Government Neo-Con Rick Santorum: Rand Paul’s Not My Leader

hqdefault7 Appearing on CNN's "Crossfire," Rick Santorum said that "libertarian" Rand Paul will not win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Santorum's speculation is based on his understanding of the direction of the Republican Party: "Well, first off, I don't think that will happen because a Republican Party is not a libertarian Party. It is a conservative […]

Did Rand Paul Endorse Establishment Republican Susan Collins To Block “Liberty Democrat” Sheena Bellows?

Shenna-Bellows-Facebook-630x417 Did Senator Rand Paul endorse an establishment Republican to protect her seat from a "liberty Democrat"? As we reported Saturday, Senator Rand Paul was the keynote speaker at the Maine GOP Convention on Saturday where he endorsed Republican Senator Susan Collins in her re-election bid this year. Speaking to the Portland Herald Press minutes before taking the […]

The Rise & Fall of Cliven Bundy

Clive-Bundy2-700x398 It's over. Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has been accused of stepping in a big cow pie. He is said to have committed the unpardonable sin. And probably didn't even know he had done it until he read about it in the papers. And no, I'm not going to defend what he supposedly said. And I'm […]

Rand Paul Endorses Senator Susan Collins - Despite Record of Big Spending & Government Spying

rand-2 Bangor, Maine- Senator Rand Paul provided the keynote address at the Maine GOP Convention this Saturday. Senator Paul spoke before a packed house, excited to hear from the likely Republican Presidential candidate. What surprised some of the crowd and simultaneously delighted others, however was when Paul endorsed long time Maine Senator Susan Collins. “I whole-heartedly […]