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Barack Hussein Obama’s Unraveling Treasonous Acts

obama nero It's no secret of my hate for Obama. I'm certainly not politically correct, but I do try not to use the word "hate" loosely. My distain for Obama has nothing to do with skin color. It's his arrogance, lawlessness and what he has done to fundamentally change our country. However, it goes deeper than policy. […]

Planned Parenthood Counselor Failed To Report Serial Sex Attacker Because It Was Too Much “Hassle”

120914035631_planned-parenthood914 A Pinal County Sheriff’s Office report states that a Planned Parenthood counselor deliberately miscoded a sexual encounter as consensual when it was actually rape…to avoid the “hassle” of reporting it. “The counselor intentionally miscoded the assault as a consensual encounter. The counselor told them that they did not want the hassle of having to report […]

Commandment #1: Never Trust Republicrats Re-pub-li-crat noun, plural Republicrats: Segment of the American ruling class pretending to be conservatives by paying lip service to conservative principles, and camouflaging themselves in patriotic imagery. Often confused with RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), but Republicrats are far more dangerous because they've learned how to campaign on conservative talking points. Unlike the RINO who campaigns and governs […]

Barack Obama’s Betrayal of the Youth of America

obama-youth In the 2008 presidential election, over 68 percent of those in the age demographic of 18-33-year-olds voted for Barack Obama. Just before Obama's second term in office, at the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Republicans sadly were dressed up as if they were going to an Elvis concert (sorry folks, Elvis died in 1977), forgetting […]

The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State

The_Welfare_state-649x376 In 1935, the year that FDR signed the Social Security Act into law, the birth rate was 18.7 per 1,000. In 1940, when the first monthly check was issued, it had gone up to 19.4. By 1954, when Disability had been added, the birth rate at the heart of the Baby Boom stood at 25.3.In […]

The Intolerance of the Homosexual Agenda - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

narrow-minded Author’s note: WARNING – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT Previously, I have written about the homosexual predilection toward intolerance, hitting upon it quite tangentially, and of their disposition to distort history to validate their numbers and in an attempt to provide conformational bias of the scope of homosexuality in other cultures, especially the Greek culture. I have […]

What Does California ab 154 Abortion Bill Make Legal?

pro-life_I am a person Governor Jerry Brown is set to sign a new law, California ab 154 which will make it legal for non-physicians to perform abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is outrageous and extremely dangerous. But worse, it proves that legislators will go to any lengths to keep abortion access readily and easily available, no […]

Good News From Freedom Outpost August 23, 2013

freedom outpost good news We've got lots of good news to start your weekend off right today. Twnety-four Planned Parenthood offices closed this year, 5 inspirational mothers chose life for their children with Down Syndrome while 90% of mothers murder their children with the disease, Jihadist Nidal Hasan has been convicted of pre-meditated murder and is scheduled to be […]