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Were the Sigma Nu Banners Really That Offensive?

odu-banners The country is up in arms regarding some suggestive signs posted outside an Old Dominion University Fraternity House. Elisha Fieldstadt at MSNBC writes: "Crass, sexually suggestive banners 'welcoming' freshman women to a Virginia college last week have sparked outrage and led to the suspension of at least one of the school's fraternities." The white signs […]

Court Lifts Ban on Planned Parenthood Video – CMP Releases Footage of StemExpress CEO Joking about Shock of Receiving Whole Babies from Planned Parenthood

catedyer2 A Superior Court Judge ruled Friday that the Center for Medical Progress has the right, protected under the First Amendment to release videos it obtained covertly, exposing the criminal activity of StemExpress and Planned Parenthood. Almost immediately, CMP released a video of the CEO of StemExpress joking about how the company received whole babies intact […]

The Joy (and Necessity) of Dismembering Planned Parenthood

pp Not all that far from now on down the human history timeline, triumphant Christians will be looking back with gratitude to God for His victory over the likes of Planned Parenthood through the perfect, purposeful use of His Spirit-filled obedient people. There may well be some who wonder how something like the mass murder and dismemberment of children […]

The Abomination of Obamanation

4eec4679d9a718be8331e1aa9999be67 I have often said in the pages of these Dispatches from the past to the future that nations are not judged by the sin that is in them, for the same sin is within all of us.  Neither are societies judged by the sins that are committed by those who form their population, for all […]