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Obama Pushes Perpetual War In Seven Countries

obama-bye President Obama says that if the GOP had their way they would force him to conduct wars in seven different countries. Is that true? And is that something only the GOP wants? How many wars is President Obama conducting? This is a Reality Check you won't get anywhere else.   "Right now, if I was […]

Honoring God Is Not a Right; It’s Imperative

honor_god The sign outside the Hawaii Marine Corps reads, "God Bless the military, their families and the civilians who work with them." I believe every American would agree and raise a toast to that sentiment. A military that is dedicated to defending the rights of its citizens and that refuses to be used as mercenaries to […]

Not a Closet Trump Supporter

Trump-debate-immigration-800x430 It seems that lately, I've spent an awful lot of time defending the Trumpster, Donald Trump. And, frankly, I've gotten some feedback that I'm just a closet Trump supporter. Well, I am, but only on one, maybe two, issues. There is his position on illegal immigration and his stance on the military, which is good, […]

Homeland Security Idle on 2008 EMP Threat: “Gov’t Dysfunction Preventing … Protecting Ourselves”

EMP_over_Washington_DC_MW2 The potential threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has officially captured the attention of politicians in Washington, who are using it as an issue to drive debate about possible military threats and infrastructure overhauls. The catastrophe that could come from an EMP would be overwhelming and devastating to the infrastructure that hundreds of millions depend […]

Will a Trans Military Satisfy the Left?

Boots_2 The left will never be satisfied. No matter how many times conservatives, the religious, and others compromise, hoping to finally satisfy the left, it will never be enough. The radical left, a tiny but obnoxiously loud minority is now, evidently, dictating policy for the entire country. And as I stated - no matter how much […]

The ENLIST Act Is More than Just Amnesty

Soldier-Veteran Around this time last year, members of Congress from both parties began pushing the ENLIST Act. Heritage wrote at the time that the act "would give illegal immigrants near instant citizenship if they volunteer for military service." ENLIST stands for "Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training." I've heard some lame acronyms, but that's a whopper. I wonder who was charged […]