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The Mutually Assured Destruction Initiative

Nuclear-Mushroom-Cloud-1 With the exception of what can only be perceived as the State Run Media, every other media source is filled with stories that go beyond "raising an eyebrow"; they are supplying an endless stream of incentive to begin "digging in." But will "digging in" be enough? If we simply "dig in," they will simply surround […]

An American in Ukraine: A Perspective from the Inside

40432AB7-5CDC-4B69-B647-CB503D486891_mw1024_n_s Editor's Note: Earlier this week, I received the following email and after confirming who and where it originated, I believe it to be a genuine account of what is taking place in the Ukraine from an American observer in the region. I think those in this audience will appreciate the insight. Due to the nature […]

The New Face of Obama’s Military

alg_obama_dont_ask_5 This ain't your grandfather's military. It's not your father's or even your older brother or sister's military. Today's military, Obama's troops, look nothing like the military we have come to know, love and respect, and I feel for so bad for our troops. Obama's new military has become a politically correct social experiment. And those […]

The Obama Administration is Deliberately Targeting Veterans

obamas-finger The deliberate targeting of Veterans rights and benefits by the current administration must end. There is only one way to do so...DO NOT RE-ELECT these backstabbing, lying miscreants. Step back for a moment...think about all the things that have been stripped off or reduced for Veterans under this President: Post 9/11 GI Bill... (Very quietly)...break […]

New York Gov Cuomo “Army” Trained with Homeland Security Grant Money

andrew cuomo army The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (NY-DHSES) have provided multiple police departments with hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant monies under the Office of Interoperable and Emergency Communications (OIEC). These monies are allocated for “the developments, consolidation and/or operation of public safety communications and networks designed to support statewide interoperable […]