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Who is Huma Abedin?

humahillary2 Such a simple question with such a complicated answer. To begin, she is the daughter of Saleha Mahmood Abedin, a very pro-Sharia sociologist with ties to numerous organizations, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin is Hillary Rodham Clinton's top advisor and now, seemingly, her top e-mail controller. Once again, we go to a top site […]

Just How Desperate are Voters for Change?

TrumpSanders-e1441247794698 I wonder if Hillary Clinton's campaign team is starting to look for the exits yet. The once presumptive Democrat candidate continues to struggle in the polls, and as the half of America who already disliked her are starting to despise her, another troubling trend has been developing. Namely, the half of the country that used […]

Hillary’s Real Links to Terrorists and Nazis

flickr3 Last week, retired Major League Baseball pitcher and analyst for ESPN Curt Schilling was suspended by the sports network for posting a "controversial" meme about Muslims on Twitter. The tweet in question allegedly compared Muslims to Nazis via a quote that said in part, "Only 5-10 percent of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7 […]

Lois Lerner’s Secret Email Account Revealed Mimicking Hillary’s Coverup - Leads All The Way To White House

lois lerner irs emails sonsoflibertymediadotcom First it was a destroyed hard drive, then it was a busted Blackberry and now we find out Lois Lerner used another personal e-mail account “[email protected]” to conduct government business that utilized the alias “Toby Miles.” It was a mere accident that the “Toby Miles” address was discovered,  in the criminal complaint from the House Ways and Means Committee because a message […]

This Is What Clinton Is Hiding In Her Emails

clinton-emails-300x210 Swamp land in Florida, anyone? From following the evidence trail for 3 years, I am convinced that the Clinton emails deal with Benghazi and the ongoing ISIS/drug cartel invasion of the United States. Phoenix Area Invaded by the Cartels and ISIS While Obama Does Nothing Take four minutes and watch the video linked here, regarding the […]