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America’s New World Disorder

10912723_901395149893922_173748201_o Two weeks ago in this space, I posed the question of why some think Hillary Clinton is unelectable as president due to crimes committed while serving as secretary of state, when the same pro-left media spin machine and gutless Republican leaders are on the scene now as in 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was elected. […]

What Does Russia Think of Hillary Rodham Clinton?

hillary Russia does not like or care for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and that means a lot, since, in order to sustain a good relationship, Russia has to like the leader of the other nation (should she be elected), to some degree. But Russia finds fault with Hillary Clinton. In June of 2015, Max Fisher interviewed Fyodor […]

Obama Helped Al-Qaeda in Benghazi

funding Ever wonder why the Lame Stream Media just does not seem to show facts that pop up about Obama and what he did in Benghazi? Why did Obama "misdirect" the facts by saying it was a video? Why would he make sure all his subordinates would do the same? Why did all of those below […]

Election Fraud Time Again

1342687571001.cached Gee, how time flies when you're having fun. Election time again! But isn't it always? You who follow these columns may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, I fearlessly predicted that Hillary would win the 2016 presidential election. Do I think she is the best qualified candidate? Of course not. But her ace in […]

Will Those Ignorant of Hillary’s Crimes Help Put Her in Office?

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton demonstrate outside of the Kennedy Center in Washington, where the former Secretary of State is attending the Vital Voices Global Partnership 2013 Global Leadership Awards gala, Tuesday, April 2, 2013. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) There have been some pretty potent reactions in the alternative press to Judge Andrew Napolitano's WND column of July 1, "Hillary's secret war." In it, the judge analyzes a shocking interview with an international arms dealer that centers around the man's dealings with the State Department under Hillary Clinton, as well as evidence in the same vein […]

Clinton Attacks Big Business for Wage Inequality In an economic speech that gives the impression that all is well in Clinton land, Hillary goes after big business.  Clinton calls for more profit sharing and more growth.  Clinton seems ready to show that she has something to say about the economy. The Washington Times reports: In an expansive economic speech on Monday, multimillionaire […]

Hillary Clinton: “People Should and Do Trust Me”

hillaryclintonisscary Below are the highlights pieced together from what has been publicized as the first exclusive one-on-one sit-down interview with Hillary since she announced her presidential run. It's painful to watch (and not just because it's Hillary either). It's like watching someone full-to-bursting with nearly four decades of lies and scandals try to act like a normal […]

Seven of the Most Blatant Lies in Hillary’s CNN Interview

GettyImages-479803564-e1436381468337 Commentators, pundits, and journalists the world over were quick to point out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first television interview since her April 12th presidential campaign announcement was full of misleading statements and outright lies. Here are seven of the most questionable statements Clinton made in the 20-minute interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar: 1. "People should and […]

Campaign Issues - Equal Pay

iug05aokn1oaaptlo6r1 As our next political campaign season begins to descend upon us like a bad rendition of that not so stellar John Carpenter movie "The Fog" (1980) I have begun to think about some of the artificially inseminated "campaign issues." And no, I do not have the foggiest notion of how many I will be able […]

The View—18 Months Out

maxresdefault Well, here we are. A year and a half away from the presidential election, and we are sick of it already. So I will just go ahead and tell you the outcome and spare you all the upcoming misery. First of all, it is unbelievable that, with a population of over 330 million, we can't […]