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Open Invitation To Government Spying

nsa-facebook-government-spying-1u60ggx Recently, I had a bit to say about what, to me, is Treason, Plain and Simple, committed by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein and every anti-American co-conspirator who assisted her. I base my very biased opinion on several things.  In the first place, I am second generation military intelligence (no oxymoron jokes needed - I have […]

The CIA Torture Report's Purpose was to Take Focus Off Gruber and Obamacare

cia_torture Tuesday was a political "high point," –or "low point," if you prefer. Quite by design, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, encouraged by the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Obama Administration, released a 528 Executive Summary of its $40 million, 6,000 page "Study of the Central […]

CIA Torture Practice Report Shows How Bad America Has Gotten

cia The Senate intelligence committee report on CIA "torture" practices has been released. The report is apparently 6300 pages, and the summary is 600. Out of all those pages, the only thing we should take from the report is that America, at least under Republican control, is bad. CNN reported that "The CIA's harsh interrogations of […]

Treason - Plain and Simple

sen-dianne-feinstein-d-california It has been said that people must get angry before they get moving. As our recent elections seem to indicate, more and more Americans are getting more and more angry at the Obama Regime and its supporters. As a combat veteran, I know full well that anger, or any emotion whatsoever, only interferes with one's […]

Who Is to Blame for Failed Rescue Missions?

bilde What do people think of when they hear of a "failed rescue attempt" announced by either a government spokesman or a member of the media? I guess they're kind of the same thing. What about when you hear from the same people that a member of a Special Forces unit was killed during a failed […]

A Good Guy with a Gun also Stops Islamic Jihadists with Knives

225 Yesterday in Oklahoma, a Muslim, who attempted to convert his co-workers to Islam, murdered one woman, severing her head, and attempted to do the same thing to another victim. Thankfully, the former CEO of the business was carrying his gun and was able to shoot the Islamist while he was actively stabbing the second victim, […]

DC Decriminalizes Pot - Obama Tells Feds To Not Interfere with States’ Rights Issue

pot-law For Washington, D.C. residents caught with marijuana, the penalty is now a $25 fine, similarly to littering. Unless its on Washington, D.C.'s abundance of federal land where marijuana possession still carries a hefty penalty. Passed by the D.C. City Council in March, the decriminalization law significantly reduces the penalty for small-scale possession, which previously included fines […]

The Real Reason Dianne Feinstein is Obsessed with Taking All Your Guns

Feinstein-guns-G-620x380 Why does Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) seem almost obsessed with taking firearms away from you and me? What's the reason for her to do this? To understand her thinking, we'll have to take a trip down memory lane, and when I'm done, you'll understand why. As I dug deep into this subject, I came to […]

The Twenty Fifth Amendment & Barack Obama’s Mental Illness

obama-sad Some days, reading the news produces much frustration, anger and resentment that it is best to leave it lie as the head-shaking, fist-pounding and feet-stamping cause my poor little companion, who is now suffering congestive heart failure, to rise from her sleep, running throughout the house barking incessantly. Not only that, it does my blood […]