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Supreme Court Exits Stage Left in NSA Spy Case

071510_supremecourt We the People gave it a shot. Having won the biggest victory ever against our increasingly tyrannical federal government by succeeding in having an intellectually honest federal judge, the Honorable Richard J. Leon, enjoin the collection of highly personal telephonic metadata on nearly the entire citizenry, pending appeal, we then sought to have the U.S. […]

Barbara Boxer on Obamacare: “Never in My Lifetime have I seen a Law that is Helping so Many People be so Vilified”

Barbara Boxer According to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), "Never in my lifetime have I seen a law that is helping so many people be so vilified." Yes, this is the Democratic mantra surrounding the roll-out of Obamacare that has seen premiums and deductibles increase, cost for prescription drugs increase, some specialty prescription drugs non-covered, previous health care […]

Amash to Feinstein on Fourth Amendment Pity Party: ‘Hypocrites Like You Are Why the Public Doesn’t Trust Congress’

feinsteinamash We’ve entered Mel Brooks level government comedy. Can someone play a sad song on the world’s smallest violin for this woman? In the ultimate dictionary definition act of hypocrisy, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is complaining that the CIA violated her committee’s Fourth Amendment rights when she claims the agency […]

Feinstein and Rogers Present: NSA - “The Sound of Tyranny”

abc_tw_feinstein_130609_wg This is what you see in American government today: scandal after scandal sitting and festering like a boil that needs lancing while more ridiculous statements, rules and regulations along with increased violations of God-given rights against the American people and elevation of miniscule secular groups to protected status in violation of equality under the law […]

Obama’s Bogus NSA Plans Mean Nothing – NSA will Continue to “Rape and Pillage our Privacy Rights”

nsa-predictive-data On Friday, President Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation regarding the unconstitutional actions of spying on over 300 million American citizens by his National Security Agency (NSA) in an attempt to deflect from his newest "phony scandal." The president's so-called recommendations for his NSA and other intelligence agencies are vague, ill-defined and not genuine in […]

GroupThink and the Control of Perception

Grid_GroupThink2 If there is one thing liberals tend to agree on it is that the United States is an oppressive nation that uses its wealth and power to keep so called "underprivileged people" in poverty. Liberals believe in a collective greater good, and just like so many times throughout history, those who tend to disagree with […]

Turning on Their Own: Democrats Who Didn’t Read Obamacare Give Obama until Friday to Fix It

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi gives Obama 72 hours to fix Obamacare, a bill she didn't even read before voting on it. In the midst of all of the chaos surrounding the Obamacare roll-out it seems like a lot of House Democrats have forgotten their place. Senate and House Democrats are just as responsible for this mess as Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius. They passed the bill. Barack Obama simply signed it into law. Again, maybe someone should have read the bill. It appears that […]