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Bureau of Land Management Forecloses Oil Leasing - Utah Sues

BakkenOilRigExport_13976716015482 In yet another spat between the Bureau of Land Management and a western state, Utah is suing the federal agency after it unlawfully foreclosed oil and gas leasing on unprotected lands. (RELATED: BLM to Cease Bundy Ranch Operation - Cows Come Home) Utah's litigation alleges that the BLM is imposing 'wilderness criteria' on lands outside designated wilderness and […]

Obama Considered Using Military Force against Cliven Bundy Supporters

obama salute Last week, the Washington Times mentioned the fact that the Obama administration seriously considered using military force against Cliven Bundy and his supporters during their standoff back in April. This should come as no surprise after we reported that there was word that the Defense Department had approved a drone strike. Apparently, the Obama administration […]

Conservatives and Progressives - Oil and Water

Oil-in-Water18 Conservatives and Progressives are likely to agree on the facts in many situations, but are likely to disagree on the meaning of the facts.   Here are some facts most people will agree on: Obama Obama lied when he said you can keep your doctor, etc. Obama has done little or nothing to repair race relations. […]

The Systematic Elimination of Private Property: The Gestapo Tactics used on Cliven Bundy are Nothing New - Just Ask Wayne Price

wayne price Whatever outcome is finally realized regarding the case of rancher Cliven Bundy, one fact has emerged that cannot be overlooked.  People from coast-to-coast, and border-to-border, are finally realizing that the government sworn to protect us may very well be our greatest enemy.  When one examines the Bundy case in greater detail, one does not find […]

Nye County, Nevada Votes to Kick Out the Feds

nyecounty In Nye County, Nevada, the deeply rooted corruption of the Harry Reid dynasty, and his evil surrogates, has taken a big hit. On the heels of the Bundy Ranch situation, the Nye County Board of County Commissioners passed two resolutions; one for Free Speech and one in support of Ranchers. Tired of being under the […]

Ron Paul Warned about an Armed BLM in 1997

ron paul blm freedomoutpostdotcom Then Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) warned Congress and the American people against arming the Bureau of Land Management, the agency that surrounded the Bundy Ranch with more than 250 armed agents, including snipers a couple of weeks ago. Paul gave a passionate speech on the floor of the House in 1997 declaring the reasons that […]

The Rise & Fall of Cliven Bundy

Clive-Bundy2-700x398 It's over. Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has been accused of stepping in a big cow pie. He is said to have committed the unpardonable sin. And probably didn't even know he had done it until he read about it in the papers. And no, I'm not going to defend what he supposedly said. And I'm […]