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John Boehner is a Compromised Man

john-boehnerjpg-dce5618b0834fb3a Like so many that enter the halls of Washington, they either go into office compromised or they end up being compromised. Rep. John Boehner(R-OH) is such a man, but it didn't take this election to demonstrate that. This writer has known for several years that Boehner is a compromised man and this latest round concerning […]

Black Sheriff: Race Relations are Worse under Obama - He Built That!

clarke12 nws kwg 1 Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recently blasted the Obama administration's divide races and conquer strategy as being "destructive for America." The outspoken constitutional sheriff appeared alongside FOX News host Megyn Kelly to discuss a FOX News poll that indicated that a majority of those surveyed believe that, under Barack Obama, race relations have gotten worse. […]

Obama Releases 30,862 Illegal Alien Criminals into US Cities and Neighborhoods

Sending Illegals to Mexico Last year we learned the Obama administration released 68,000 illegal aliens who were convicted criminals into the US. Now, a recently released federal document from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports that the Obama administration released 30,862 convicted criminals, who were illegal aliens, into United States cities and neighborhoods, not deporting them. While 30,862 is […]

Obama: Some are Pretty Sure I’m an Illegal Immigrant

obama-town-hall-pointing-ap In a recent town hall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, Barack Obama said that it was still hard for him to engage Republicans on the issue of immigration reform. The reason? According to Obama, it's because he believes that many Republicans believe he is an illegal immigrant. As Obama spoke about setting up a legal system […]