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Whose Side Is the NRA Really On?

NRA While the “mainstream media” and the rest of the usual suspects continue to demonize individual gun owners and the NRA, you don’t have to be a rabid hoplophobe to question the NRA. The popular view of the NRA, no matter whether one supports or opposes the G-d-given right (or indeed a duty) to keep and […]

Will You Support Your State And Sheriff That defy Obama Gun Control Orders?

M States and local sheriffs in several jurisdictions are leading a resurgent awakening in the nation in protecting the gun rights of citizens from being quashed by federal edicts. In fact, some of these states which are considering legislation to criminalize efforts of federal employees that attempt to enforce gun control executive orders. Some of these states considering legislation action include Alabama, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming, among others.

Obama: Claims To Respect Second Amendment While Undermining It

2013-01-15t060559z_1_cbre90e0gya00_rtroptp_3_usa-obama Barack Obama just wrapped up his press conference where he introduced proposals from recommendations by Vice President Joe Biden. The executive order signed at the end of his speech was what Obama referred to as "a directive giving law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals and the public health community some of the tools they need […]

Dem Senator: Obama Is 'Extreme' On Gun Control

abc_heidi_heitkamp_this_week_jt_130106_wblog Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) appeared on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos and said that while she believes everything should be on the table in talks about gun control, what she hears coming from the Obama White House is nothing less than "extreme." The North Dakota Senator doubts that the Obama administration is going […]

Senator Feinstein’s Nazi Gun Control Law

iss How can we make such a statement? Simply put, Senator Feinstein has stated the following: “On the first day of the new Congress, I intend to introduce a bill stopping the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of assault weapons as well as large ammunition magazines, strips and drums that hold more than 10 rounds,” Feinstein […]