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Gohmert to New Republican Majority: Defund Amnesty, Defund Obamacare & set the Energy Sector Free

Egypt Caucus The New Year has begun and Americans can expect a tumultuous year when it comes to the Republican-controlled Senate and House tackling issues that propelled the overturn of a Democratic Senate monopoly in last year's midterm elections. Appearing on the FoxNews "Hannity" show, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) indicated the top three priorities for Republicans assuming […]

RINO Revenge: Graham, McCain Remove Tea Party Foes

McCain-Graham-2-620x357 Senators and BFFs John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are removing their adversaries from their state Republican parties to control campaign funds and party politics. According to Politico, McCain is seeking revenge on the state party that had him censured by having his political team engage "in an aggressive and systematic campaign to reshape […]

Jonathan Gruber Spills the Beans on Health Care

Jonathan Gruber Jonathan Gruber has become the "face" of the debacle of Obamacare since he has been identified as its author. Unlike Edward Snowden, who exposed the extent and depth of NSA spying and became the "gift that keeps on giving," Gruber has become the "nightmare on health care mandate" as more and more information surfaces that […]

Obama Threatens "Veto Pen" Against New Congress

obama Christmas has come and gone. While many of us are engaged in after-holiday activities, Obama has given America a late "gift" by saying to Republicans in Congress that he will use his famous pen to veto legislation that might derail his immigration plans, climate change agenda, and infamous health care law. Since taking office in […]

Obama Unsure of Condemning Taliban Over School Massacre

school-attack-bloody-shoes-Reuters When Barack Obama condemned the Taliban's horrific mass murder of children in a school in Peshawar last week, he referred to "terrorists" who, he said, "have once again shown their depravity." But he did not name the terrorists. He never mentioned the Taliban. Consider the implications of this and what it actually means. Obama refused to […]