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When Peace Breaks Out With Iran…

Iran-Map This has been the most dramatic week in US/Iranian relations since 1979. Last weekend ten US Navy personnel were caught in Iranian waters, as the Pentagon kept changing its story on how they got there. It could have been a disaster for President Obama's big gamble on diplomacy over conflict with Iran. But after several […]

Okung Condemns System That Made Him Wealthy

okung2 What is the American Dream? It's a question with a multitude of answers. Companies in the housing industry use "American Dream" to equate it with owning a house. It is the same with companies who are in the jobs market; they equate the American Dream with working hard, earning good wages, and getting ahead. Hussein […]

Obama’s Energy Pie in the Sky Is a Lie

obama_pinocchio What Obama State of the Union show would be complete (complete disaster, that is) without a diatribe on Climate Change and further ruination of the coal and oil industries, with his call to "accelerate the transition away from dirty energy." However, climate weenies lamented that "there was no laundry list of bold programs and budding proposals this […]

Ted Cruz Counters Trump at Debate

405707-trump-ted-cruz Fishing waders? Check. Big rubber boots? Check. Respirator? Check. Now, to don it all. Again, the debate this week was missed but plenty of outlets covered the heated discussion between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump regarding the eligibility of Cruz to throw his hat into the ring as a contender for the highest […]

Ineligible for the Office of President

bitusa It is critical for U.S. citizens to understand the meaning of the Constitution's term "natural born citizen" when choosing a prospective Commander-in-Chief. The candidate must be free from all possibility of foreign loyalties through either his or her parentage or place of birth. Why is a narrow interpretation of "natural born citizen" essential to the […]

Kansas to Defund Planned Parenthood

youth-protest-planned-parenthood-AFP-640x480 There has been much made about state funding of Planned Parenthood. There are those who have come out in favor of cutting all funding. Many of these states have found themselves in the middle of lawsuits. Several states have been told that they do not have the authority to make such cuts to Medicaid. But […]

Donald Trump & Mark Meckler Could Change Everything If They Would Advance the Ratification of the Original First Amendment Rather than a Con-Con

Trump-Meckler As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in mortal combat over the 50 million Americans that religiously show up at the polls for the donkey and its welfare handouts, the GOP slate is dominated by Donald Trump, the billionaire populist who scares the hell out of Washington DC. Some days, the world just changes. […]