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Rand Paul Speaks Out on Criminal Justice Reform

rand-paul-590x357 Speaking at the nation's oldest historically black university, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul renewed his commitment to sentencing and criminal justice reform. Paul spoke on Friday to students, local leaders and activists at Bowie State University in Maryland. He stressed the need for rolling back civil asset forfeiture and mandatory minimum sentencing laws. "If we're for […]

Is Vladimir Putin Dead?

Vladimir-Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public since March 5th, and the Internet is abuzz with rumors that he is either seriously ill or dead.  So could it be possible that there is anything to these rumors?  At this point, Russian officials insist that Putin is just fine and that he isn’t […]

The Walking Dead: Common Core Standards in SC Just Won’t Die

nbc_tjf_hlt_s02e014_142_walkingdead_20141009 Officially, Common Core is dead in South Carolina, wiped out Wednesday by a vote of the state board of education. However, leaders of the state's anti-Common Core movement are anything but happy, saying the state is being tricked by a bait-and-switch tactic that replaces the standards with something nearly identical. Sheri Few, the head of South Carolina […]

John Kerry - Hypocrite of the Week

kerry302way This is a tough call, isn’t it? The Democrats have so many candidates this week: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Matthews and John Kerry all make excellent candidates for the Hypocrite of the Week award, the but we think John Kerry probably gets the nod… And it’s all because of this […]

Did Hillary Clinton Commit A Felony?

-1x-1 Of course, when anyone in Washington tells you to trust them, it always raises the suspicions of the people because in most cases they have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. Hillary Clinton is Exhibit A. This past week, during a press conference, she told the American people, "Trust me, I did nothing wrong." But is […]

Iran Unveils Some New Toys

missile_2353892b So desperate is Obama to make a deal with Iran that he is evidently willing to overlook the latest reports coming out of the terrorist nation. Or worse, maybe he already knows all this and doesn't care. Or even worse is that he doesn't know this and we do, and when his intelligence people try […]

Amnesty Injunction Being Challenged Through Appeal Court

obama-glare Despite a Texas judge issuing an injunction against Obama's amnesty (Obamnesty), the administration has approached a federal appeals court to allow the administration to continue their unconstitutional action declaring the lower judge's ruling "unprecedented and wrong" claiming illegals will suffer. Texas, along with 25 other states, filed a lawsuit to halt Obamnesty. Judge Andrew Hanen […]

Will the Media Get Behind Biden Instead of Hillary in 2016?

clintonbiden Hillary will survive her email woes, but scandals serve as tests that show the strengths and weaknesses of politicians. What the email scandal showed is that Hillary lacks her husband's breezy ability to weather political outrage. Instead her paranoia and resentment combine to make her scandals worse. Democrats are looking for inspiration, but Hillary couldn't […]

Does the Sun Set in the West?

AFW-Sunset-Pix I have taught the history of Western Civilization for many years. I praise God that I have taught at institutions that allowed me to teach this history without the disdain that is often heaped upon what some call Eurocentric culture. Personally, I believe that Western Civilization which may have peaked before the beginning of our […]

Wisconsin becomes 25th Right to Work State

Scott-Walker-Right-to-Work-Signing-close-up-700x357 Republican governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker signed Wisconsin's right-to-work legislation on Monday, making Wisconsin the 25th state to pass this sort of legislation. Employees in right-to-work states are not forced to pay union dues. "This legislation puts power back in the hands of Wisconsin workers, by allowing the freedom to choose whether they want […]