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FCC Commissioner Now Predicting Limiting of Internet Free Speech

OfficialPai Federal Communications Commission (FCC) member Ajit Pai has made public his opposition to the federal government takeover of the internet dubbed "Net Neutrality." Pai stated that in the foreseeable future, federal regulators "will seek to regulate websites based on political content, using the powers of the FCC or the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Pai spoke […]

We Sure Do Love Diversity in America

ABC_header-diversity Diversity sure is great. And what's so great about it is that is so diverse. After all, we're reminded of it constantly. The president has said that what makes this country great is its diversity. Not our unique form of government, not our freedom of speech or religion, and certainly not our uniquely crafted Constitution […]

USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty

freedom-liberty Apologists for the National Security Agency (NSA) point to the arrest of David Coleman Headley as an example of how warrantless mass surveillance is necessary to catch terrorists. Headley played a major role in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack that killed 166 people. While few would argue that bringing someone like Headley to justice is […]

Committee Chairman Thinks VA Is Hiding Something After Secretary Complains About Subpoena

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller, R-Fla., holds up two pages of resource requests from the Department of Veterans Affairs on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 24, 2014,  as he questions Department of Veterans Affairs acting secretary Sloan Gibson on how to restore trust to the beleaguered agency. (AP Photo) House Veterans' Affairs Committee chairman Rep. Jeff Miller is tired of the Department of Veterans Affairs stonewalling requests for more information on the its scandal-racked regional office in Philadelphia. With unanimous support, the committee issued a subpoena last Thursday to dig deeper into revelations released last month by the inspector general that the Philadelphia office regularly ignores […]

Ted Cruz Breaks with Scott Walker on Legal Immigration

Ted-Cruz Governor Scott Walker recently made some waves when he started talking about the possibility of limiting legal immigration, in an effort to help American workers. Speaking before the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Senator Ted Cruz stood in stark contrast to Governor Walker on legal immigration. The candidate for President from Texas said that he […]

Nigerian Bishop: Hillary Clinton “Thinks She Is a God”

hillary clinton Behold! In a government and corporate sphere dominated by and filled with psychopaths and sociopaths, arrogant and ruthless ladder climbers and ultra wealthy manipulators, Hillary still stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Not just in 2016, throughout her entire quest for power. The Washington Free Beacon reports: Emmanuel Badejo, the bishop of Oyo […]

What Will it Take to Right the Ship of State?

ship-of-state People ask all the time what will it take to return our Constitutional Republic to its previous glory, away from the century-old destructive road to socialism and one world government global communism? The answer is obviously complex, as there are many nefarious plans and forces at play, seemingly unrelated, all merging at some place in […]

Iran Cheating on Nuke Agreement

wpid-screenshot_٢٠١٥-٠٢-٢٤-١٦-٠٢-٠٠-1.png We've all heard the old saying that "the chickens eventually come home to roost." There must be plenty of chicken roosting occurring at the White House about now. While Obama's Keystone Cops have been working on the Iran Nuclear Deal and Obama has maintained that Iran is complying with a November 2013 deal, it appears […]