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Obama’s Historic Lies

Obama_fly_2010_2461812c Power without accountability in action. I called it all in my 2010 book, The Post American Presidency. Obama’s remarks today were not merely dishonest, they were duplicious. he lied. Big, bald-faced lies. And the media, his organ grinder’s monkey, delivers it unchallenged to a clueless American public. Photo: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif waves […]

The Job of an Elected Official

uscongress-620x300 Want to know why America has gone astray from its charter as envisioned by our founding fathers? Simply ask any elected official, "What's your job responsibility?" The answer usually provides insight into where the problem begins. Three years, ago, a former county commissioner said, "Our job is to pave the roads, fund the schools, and […]

Free Speech Defeat: Insisting Government Is Exempt from First Amendment Scrutiny, Federal Court Cancels Redskins' Trademark as Offensive

The-Washington-Redskins-Whats-In-A-Name In a ruling that comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent declaration that the government can discriminate against expression that takes place within a government forum (e.g., government-issued Confederate license plates), a federal court has ordered the cancellation of the NFL Redskins' federal trademark registrations on the grounds that its name is […]

City Council Passes Gun Ban on S.C. State Capitol Grounds

gun-ban1 S.C. Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill to remove the Confederate battle flag off of State Capitol grounds on Thursday. Hours after Gov. Haley signed the bill, the Columbia City Council passed an ordinance temporarily banning weapons within a 250-foot perimeter surrounding the South Carolina State House grounds in an emergency meeting. As reported previously by […]

Prof: Make Confederate Flag a Hate Crime

safe_image.php "Let's make the Confederate flag a hate crime: It is the American swastika and we should recoil from it in horror." So opines Nick Bromell, a professor of American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In the wake of a purge that has seen the Confederate battle flag vanish from stores and disappear from the grounds of […]

Political Correctness Gone Crazy

Warning-Politically-Incorrect I've wondered for the longest time why Americans remain silent to the massive "fundamental transformation" of our country by a minority of well-organized progressives who use any means necessary to attain their communistic ends, including the phony notion of "white privilege" in the most tolerant nation on the planet. While history is being altered, rewritten […]

Soros Funds Anti-Capital Punishment Fight in Nebraska

George-Soros-1940x1294 Most could not believe when the socially conservative state of Nebraska's legislature abolished capital punishment.  This traditional stronghold of the Republican Party is a very strange place to see the loss of such a law, but there is more to the issue than politics.  Yet, it should alarm all conservative Nebraskans from where the anti-capital […]