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Dr. Alveda King: Liberal Race Baiting Is Tired and Wrong

PHILADELPHIA -  JANUARY 8:  Dr. Alveda King, founder of King for America, Inc., gestures at the Justice Sunday III rally on January 8, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the Family Research Council, the rally was held one day before the start of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.  (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images) If you’re a conservative like me and have been for any length of time, then you are probably getting worn out from having to defend yourself from the many disgusting canards thrown at you by the left. The ad hominem attacks that vilify us as racists, homophobes, bigots, small minded, uninformed, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-elderly… it […]

Congress Engages in WWE with TPA

SmackDown-logo Yesterday might have just well been Friday the thirteenth for our emperor boy Obama. The House, in a surprising move, blocked the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) by voting down the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which would provide financial assistance to those who lost jobs or wages because of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. TAA […]

All Politics is Local & North Carolina Just Proved It

NCGOP-Sign A few years ago conservative grassroots activists surprised the nation when we rose up together to protest the increase in spending, the creation of new regulations, the addition of new methods of taxation, and particularly, the possibility of Obamacare. The mainstream media and the establishment quickly got used to seeing Tea Party activists everywhere they […]

7 Big Events That Will Occur by the End of September

it_photo_87772 Is something really big about to happen? For months, people have been pointing to the second half of this year for various reasons. For some, the major concern is Jade Helm and the unprecedented movement of military vehicles and equipment that we have been witnessing all over the nation. For others, the upcoming fourth blood […]

TAA Shot Down - TPA Passes: America Loses and Constitution Undermined

tpa-vote The unconstitutional authority contained in the Trade Adjustment Assistance was shot down on Friday. However, it was a Republican Congress that managed to pass the Trade Promotion Authority. The Associated Press reports: The House derailed a high-profile White House-backed trade bill on Friday, a humiliating defeat for President Barack Obama inflicted by Democratic Leader Nancy […]

Bureaucrats’ Cry: Just Doing My Job!

soldiers_video_games_killzone_playstation_3_Wallpaper_2560x1440_www.wallpaperswa.com_ “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.” ― William Blum United States Department of State America, I have a question for you. Who is the government? The government in this country is the people. So, when you hear people make reference to “they” […]

Republicans Used As Psychopolitical Dupes

RINO-Picture For months leading to the 2014 elections, we listened to aspiring politicians spout their love of America while espousing their loyalty to liberty and the constitution, only to see them reverse their position almost immediately after being elected. This has left many Conservatives feeling completely hopeless and ready to leave the Party in search of […]

Obama Resorts to Fearmongering to Save Unconstitutional Obamacare

Obamacare-Burning-e1382710787771 President Obama delivered a speech before the Catholic Health Association on Tuesday in an effort to continue trying to sell his bad Obamacare legislation. The topic of his speech was health care in America and Obamacare. Unsurprisingly his chief tool for persuasion was fear mongering. Speaking of conservatives' efforts to repeal the socialist healthcare scheme […]

Famous Politician Gets Caught in His Own Web

denny_hastert Talk about a comeuppance. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert, who helped force through Congress stricter laws against anonymous cash transactions, now faces financial ruin – and an extended jail sentence – thanks to the very same laws. Hastert withdrew at least $1.7 million in cash from bank accounts he controlled while […]

CA Vaccine Bill Passes Health Committee, Heads to Full Assembly for Final Vote

forced-vaccination California is going full totalitarian, but is anyone surprised? The state's controversial and tyrannical mandatory vaccine bill has jumped another hurdle on its path to becoming law. Yesterday, California lawmakers approved the bill, which requires all schoolchildren be vaccinated before being permitted to attend public or PRIVATE schools unless they have a MEDICAL exemption. That's right: […]

Boehner Going to Staff Aides for TPA

boehner-angry-AP It seems the heat is on in regards to the Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA, that would fast-track Obamatrade, aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Breitbart has reported "more Republicans are coming out in opposition to Obamatrade" against the House leadership forcing Boehner and his allies to specifically target undecided members' staff in an effort to […]

We Don’t Need Another "Conservative"!

proud-conservative-2015 How many of you would be frightened at another Clinton presidency?  Or perhaps another Bush Administration would cause you to throw your hands up and say, "I have had enough. It's pointless to try."   In my travels around the United States, I meet many people looking for a "conservative candidate."  I may shock you with the […]