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New Machine-Gun Armed NYPD Unit Lumps Protesters in with Terrorists: “Civil disobedience an attack on NYC Itself”

bill-bratton-nypd In the wake of the Paris terror attacks abroad, and the protests over Eric Garner's death by chokehold, the NYPD is reformulating its policing strategy, and creating a new unit, dubbed the Strategic Response Group, to deal with "special events" including both terrorism and protests. This additional unit will be a specially trained "strike force" to supplement […]

Congress Prepared To Fight Obama On Military Base Closures

36ebb0df7993d4245f0f6a706700dc47_c0-245-5000-3159_s561x327 President Obama's budget includes a new round of base closures, but Congress intends to vigorously oppose any plans which Republican lawmakers say would have long-term ramifications on the military's ability to meet future threats, The Hill reports. Under Secretary of Defense Mike McCord (Comptroller) thinks that, while it's difficult to persuade Congress for another round of […]

Here's Seven Examples of Loretta Lynch's "Wonderful Tool"

141107-loretta-lynch-1811_8a7e6334cfb0fe8fc5fdf7ade5e3f561 Cops across the country are padding their budgets with hundreds of millions of dollars by seizing property from American citizens, even when they have not been charged with a crime. This process–called asset forfeiture–allows police to take property for themselves if they suspect it is being used for a crime, and though it was recently limited by Attorney […]

Southern Poverty Law Center Takes Aim at Justice Moore

150127-roy-moore-alabama-10p_b75bc286c9b6a7b9665cd5fe2e43c870 As I reported earlier, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore sent an open letter to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. In this letter, Chief Justice Moore asks that Bentley resist a recent ruling by a federal appeals court. This ruling stated that the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment was unconstitutional. Now there has been an answer […]

Obama Releases Illegals - They Commit More Crimes

Border-fence-illegals Let's all listen to the sound of amnesty. If you recall, in 2013, the Obama administration released 36,000 illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including 193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303 kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged driving. […]