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Senate Republicans Looking to Surrender in Human Trafficking Fight?

human_trafficking_by_me19leela Republican Sen. John Cornyn may have found a way to surrender to Senate Democrats in the human trafficking bill fight. Instead of setting up a restitution fund paid into by the perpetrators of human trafficking crimes, Cornyn is considering setting up a fund that Congress would appropriate annually, reported The Hill. That could satisfy Democrats, who are blocking the bill Cornyn sponsored […]

Starbucks: A Liberal Agenda Driven Business - Moves from Gun Control to “Are You a Racist?” Quiz

starbucks-race-together.0.0 In these trying economic times, most businesses are trying to do everything they can to remain solvent, refrain from closing or going bankrupt. However, there is one company that seems intent on alienating individuals who are regular customers or potential customers. The company who issued a letter requesting that individuals check their Second Amendment rights […]

Larry Pratt: Gun Owners of America is a Muslim-Free Zone

jp-OWNERS-articleLarge-v3 Glenn Beck is not happy with the National Rifle Association. On his radio show, he actually threatened to quit the organization if its board member, Grover Norquist, was re-elected, calling Norquist a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer. According to Beck, Norquist has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is closely related to the terrorist group Hamas. "I mean […]

The Politics of Covetousness

image It is widely known that Americans are spending themselves into debt slavery. For example, Bloomberg business reported last September that consumer debt was at an all-time high of $3.2 trillion with credit cards and auto loans leading the pack. "Spending on repairs and net used cars has barely budged… But the fact that spending seems […]

Not Your Father’s Republican Party

reagan-bw-630x286 When I first started writing some 15 or so years ago, I was able to chide my fellow Democrats by reminding them that the Democrat Party of Bill and Hillary Clinton was not the Party of their fathers and grandfathers. Of course, that is still true. But I can't throw rocks any more. The current […]

The Technophobic Democrats

hillary-email If you believe Hillary Clinton, her email scandal happened because she couldn't figure out how to do what every American of working age knows how to do; juggle a work and personal email account. The Clinton vaporware bridge to the 21st century turned out to be a private email server that kept out the media, […]

Texas Senate OKs Handgun Open Carry, Governor To Sign

NewTexas On Monday, handgun open carry legislation moved one step closer to Texas law after it passed the Texas State Senate. Senate Bill 17 would allow citizens with concealed carry permits to open carry handguns. The 20-11 vote was unsurprisingly divided on party lines with 20 Republicans voting in favor and 11 Democrats voting against the bill. […]