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Soros Funds Anti-Capital Punishment Fight in Nebraska

George-Soros-1940x1294 Most could not believe when the socially conservative state of Nebraska's legislature abolished capital punishment.  This traditional stronghold of the Republican Party is a very strange place to see the loss of such a law, but there is more to the issue than politics.  Yet, it should alarm all conservative Nebraskans from where the anti-capital […]

Huckabee/Gowdy Town Meeting: Gowdy Finally Answers Why There Have Been No Articles of Impeachment (It's Not Because of Joe Biden)

DSC_0021 On Monday night, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) hosted a Town Hall meeting at the Anderson Civic Center. The meeting featured Presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee and special guest U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Several hundred people came out to hear candidate Huckabee and to submit questions to him, but it was Gowdy's comment near the […]

Pamela Geller: What’s Wrong with Donald Trump

Screen-Shot-2015-05-04-at-10.32.14-AM Donald Trump is wrong on the First Amendment. He's wrong on the cornerstone of our democracy. The freedom of speech is elemental. If he doesn't get that, he couldn't possibly be a good President. For a man who so very much enjoys his freedom to speak, his attack on our defense of it is curious. […]

Hillary Clinton: “People Should and Do Trust Me”

hillaryclintonisscary Below are the highlights pieced together from what has been publicized as the first exclusive one-on-one sit-down interview with Hillary since she announced her presidential run. It's painful to watch (and not just because it's Hillary either). It's like watching someone full-to-bursting with nearly four decades of lies and scandals try to act like a normal […]

Christian County Clerk Refuse Orders to Issue Sodomite “Marriage” Licenses: "I Will Lean on the Lord"

Casey_County_Clerk_-Casey_Davis-1200x700_c Since the ruling of the Supreme Court declaring sodomite "marriage" as a constitutional right, more county clerks, who are Christian, have come under fire for refusing to issue a marriage license to same-sex couples. Most recently, Casey County Kentucky clerk Casey Davis received an order from Democratic Governor Steve Beshear to issue marriage licenses to […]

And Here it Comes: Democrats Introduce Legislation to ban “Husband” and “Wife” as “Anti-Gay” Words

gaywedding Fresh off the Supreme Court ruling on sodomy-based "marriage," Democrats in California have introduced a bill that would ban the words "husband" and "wife" from being used in federal law because they are "gendered terms" and discriminate against homosexuals. The words husband and wife were deleted from California state law last year in order to accommodate same […]

Seven of the Most Blatant Lies in Hillary’s CNN Interview

GettyImages-479803564-e1436381468337 Commentators, pundits, and journalists the world over were quick to point out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first television interview since her April 12th presidential campaign announcement was full of misleading statements and outright lies. Here are seven of the most questionable statements Clinton made in the 20-minute interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar: 1. "People should and […]