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Republican Congressman Supports Muslims Following Sharia Law – Then Claims He Doesn’t Support Sharia

imrs Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one of many who are confused as to what the foundations of the united States are about. According to a letter that was posted to his website, Kinzinger claims the same protection of Muslims to implement Sharia is protected under the Constitution. "While our Founding Fathers thoughtfully prohibited the establishment of state […]

Rush, the Big Voice on the Right

rush_limbaugh7 In a recent article in the National Review, Rush Limbaugh, the God Father of conservative media, recently catalogued how he not only birthed but also nurtured the growth of an alternative voice, alongside what he aptly calls the "state-controlled media." I can remember the first time I heard him in 1986. I was so excited […]

Interview: Ron Paul Talks Media Bias, Rand Paul Campaign

Ron_Paul_9925273476-1024x682 In an exclusive interview, Truth In Media's Joshua Cook talks with former Texas Congressman and liberty icon Dr. Ron Paul.   In the interview, Ron Paul shares his thoughts with Cook about his son Rand Paul's presidential campaign. Ron also discussed with Cook his position on the Syrian refugee crisis, ISIS, foreign policy, gun control, and the obstacles of overcoming […]

The Fear-Driven Voting of America’s “Conservative Christians”

Fear-Driven650pw Terrorism! Radical Muslims! The gay agenda! Barack Obama! Hillary Clinton! Justin Bieber! Fear! Fear! Fear! Panic! Panic! Panic! Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! If one thing is plain about the "conservative Christian" portion of America's electorate, it is that fear is the primary motivator determining how its members spend their energy, resources, and votes. What Scripture refers […]

Justice Kennedy Compares Supreme Court to Nazis

84122d6d8f524c1f7c0f6a7067002b1f Throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century, hundreds of people, if not more, have used the horrors of Nazi tyranny to defame their opponents. The GOP compares the overreach of Democratic politicians to the Nazis. Liberals compare the laws according to morals of the Republicans to the Nazis. But there has been no one […]

Boehner Out - Ryan In: Where is Liberty?

House-Speaker-Ryan-Boehner Many of you know by now that Rep. John Boehner passed the speaker's gavel to Rep. Paul Ryan this past Thursday and resigned his post in Congress. In a Fox News exit interview. Mr. Boehner was asked if he had to choose between passing comprehensive immigration reform, repealing Obamacare, and achieving the "Grand Bargain" (Obama's promise […]