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Classiness is Nice, but Not Essential in a President

DTrump We live in a dangerous world. It seems to me it was a lot less dangerous during the Cold War, when the probability of nuclear war was in inverse ration to the possibility. The greater the weaponry, the more possibility grew, but the prospect of ultimate world destruction was reduced to virtual impossibility. The two […]

Exclusive Video: Ted Cruz Praises Donald Trump

Ted-Cruz-and-Donald-Trump-1024x536 On Monday, Congressman Jeff Duncan hosted presidential candidates Gov. Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, and Sen. Ted Cruz at his 5th Annual Faith & Freedom BBQ in South Carolina. The event was one of the largest South Carolina GOP events to date, drawing over 2,000 people. SC GOP Chairman Matt Moore told Truth In Media's Joshua Cook that […]

Trump Shows His Progressive Side on Taxes

trump2 Before all of you Trump fans get mad at me, please understand, I am doing this because I am for you and for America. I am a supporter of the Fair Tax, I've signed multiple petitions, written my representatives and even advocated on my personal social media pages. I like the Flat Tax too, but I […]

Battle of the Presidential Billionaires

2013_03_14_obsr25_graysondantzicphoto-143-300x180 Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., parent company of hated Fox News, thinks that one billionaire in the presidential race isn't good enough. He tweeted out his desire for another to enter. And the other billionaire is none other than Michael "Nanny State" Bloomberg. Is this the beginning of a draft Bloomberg campaign? I doubt […]

Iran Says No to U.S. Embassy in Tehran

Iran-Hostage-Crisis-copy Billions of US taxpayer dollars to aid and assist the world's biggest sponsor of worldwide terrorism in producing a nuclear weapons arsenal, accompanied by a healthy dose of humiliation, threats and aggression. Frankly, I am glad they won't allow us to open an embassy. Thank you, Iran. Nothing has changed since 1979 — except that […]

Huckabee Takes Liberal Stance on Illegal Immigration

MIKE-HUCKABEES-PEDOPHILE-RING Immigration is one hot topic for the 2016 presidential election campaign trail among candidates in both parties. With Donald Trump revealing his plan on illegal immigration, candidates are defining their stance on the problem of unfettered illegal immigration. It is producing quite a stir in the media as candidates comment on their rivals' remarks. Former […]

For Immigration Answers, Look to Liberty

immigration_question_and_answers1-resized-600.jpg What should be done with the estimated 15 million people living in the United States without the legal right to be here? It seems most politicians and many Americans come down on one or the other extreme. Many Republicans, including Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have the idea that they can round up 15 million […]