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Is the Pro Life Movement Gaining Traction?

Dezvoltare-personala-spiritual-timetv-time-fericire-deznadejde-1024x656 According to the Family Research Council, there is a growing surge of support for the pro life movement. As Americans witnessed the horror that was the Kermit Gosnell story, the idea that babies can feel pain during an abortion procedure has slowly crept back into the collective consciousness of the nation.  When hearing the facts […]

Obama's Incredible Shrinking US Military

Barack-Obama-waves-to-U.S.-troops-at-Bagram-Air-Field-in-Afghanistan By the end of this decade, the US Army will be the smallest that it has been since World War II, the US Navy will be the smallest that it has been since World War I, and the US Air Force will have gotten nearly 500 planes smaller. Without a doubt, the US military has […]

Bill Clinton Defends Hillary On Benghazi - Brings up Diplomats Murdered Under Bush

Bill Clinton Former President Bill Clinton defended Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi attacks during her tenure as secretary of state, noting that “most Americans don’t even know how many American diplomatic personnel were killed when President Bush was president.” Clinton spoke Wednesday at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s fiscal summit — portions of which were aired […]

Are State Governments Becoming Obsolete?

banner-state Now what kind of a question is that? Of course, we need state governments. Really? Well, that was the original intent, as was so eloquently stated in the United States Constitution. After all, we are not just "America." We are the "UNITED STATES of America." Thirteen, originally, and now grown to 50 or so -- […]

My Dear John Letter to John Kerry

03851054_image_982w Dear John,Every few years a messiah arrives in Jerusalem, shakes hands, makes demands and promises to make peace in our time. Then when the whole thing blows up in his face, he throws up his hands and flies back blaming the ungrateful Jews for not embracing his vision.You must have known this would happen. So […]

Senator Mike Lee to Make Election about Crony Capitalism

mike_lee Republicans could make the 2014 election about business bailouts and crony capitalism, if they wanted. "If Republicans want to grow their party into a national majority, we must begin, as Reagan did in 1981, by confronting our present crisis: America's large and growing Opportunity Deficit, namely, immobility among the poor and insecurity in the middle […]

Colorado Obamacare Director Gets A Raise And A Bonus

Fontneau-on-go-live-day The CEO of Colorado’s Obamacare exchange was given a $14,000 bonus and a 2.5 percent cost of living raise on Monday, even as the exchange struggles for ways to pay its bills in the coming years. Patty Fontneau is now the third highest paid director of a state-run Obamacare exchange, earning more than $195,300, according […]

Charleston SC Becomes 9th GOP County to Censure Lindsey Graham

lindseygraham-sad The Charleston County Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham by the vote of 39- 32 tonight. This makes the 9th local Republican Party to censured Graham this election season. The Charleston County Party is located in the "low country" which is considered a Graham stronghold. The fact that Graham was censured by executive […]

Learning from Nature and Nature's God

1208-Texas-Ten-Commandments_full_600 Contrary to the 20th Century Zeitgeist, it turns out that many things we needed to learn, we didn't learn in kindergarten... or college. In none of our government school [1] classes, did we learn about the "self–eviden[cy]" [2] essential to self-government. Unfortunately, those of us who attended private school did not learn much about natural […]