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Politics Is Not the Path to Pro-Life Victory

image.php During my time in Congress, I regularly introduced legislation forbidding organizations that perform abortions from receiving federal funding. The US Government should not force taxpayers to subsidize an activity they believe is murder. Thus, while I was horrified by the recently released videos showing Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing selling the organs of aborted babies, […]

Homeland Security Idle on 2008 EMP Threat: “Gov’t Dysfunction Preventing … Protecting Ourselves”

EMP_over_Washington_DC_MW2 The potential threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has officially captured the attention of politicians in Washington, who are using it as an issue to drive debate about possible military threats and infrastructure overhauls. The catastrophe that could come from an EMP would be overwhelming and devastating to the infrastructure that hundreds of millions depend […]

Marco Rubio: "Support Foreign Aid"

5_132015_belt-marco-rubio8201 Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) came to the upstate of South Carolina Tuesday meeting at Furman University for a national defense forum. Rubio began by addressing ISIS by stating, "We have to stop ISIS from moving into countries and confront them on the ground." The Florida Senator was referring to confronting ISIS in other countries; however, […]

The Donald Phenomenon

TRUMP-MAKE-AMERICA-GREAT Ever since Donald Trump literally exploded onto the political scene, tens of thousands of words have been written by all stripes of political junkies trying to figure out just what we have here. Is he a shoot-from-the-hip kind of loudmouth, as he is being made out to be, or is he perhaps the real thing? […]

Congressman Indicted on Almost 30 Corruption Charges

l_apchakafattahx1200 Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) has been serving in Congress for 20 years, but a few years back he made a failed attempt at becoming the Mayor of Philadelphia. The fallout from that failed election bid has now returned to bite Fattah in a way he likely never imagined. The Department of Justice filed indictment […]

Unconstitutional Convention

constitution-1560x690_c Mark Levin and others are pressuring the state legislatures to call for a "Constitutional Convention," or "Convention of States," or "Assembly of States." Doesn't matter which name you use, it's all the same thing. It is an effort not to amend our Constitution, but to change it significantly, or to replace it entirely. Here's how: […]

America’s New World Disorder

10912723_901395149893922_173748201_o Two weeks ago in this space, I posed the question of why some think Hillary Clinton is unelectable as president due to crimes committed while serving as secretary of state, when the same pro-left media spin machine and gutless Republican leaders are on the scene now as in 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was elected. […]

Congressmen Move to Oust Speaker John Boehner

boehner I wrote back in March that John Boehner, according to his own State Constitution, should not even be in office. Sadly, too many in his own state, including the State's Attorney General are to spineless to enforce their own constitution. Yet, in Congress we are hearing that there is an attempt to at least remove […]

Our Hope Is in God, Wouldn’t You Agree Senator Cruz?

hqdefault Despite being founded on the principle of limited, enumerated powers derived from the will of the people and subject to the transcendental Will of the Creator God, the current government in Washington D.C. is now a corrupt corporation acting as an organized criminal enterprise. Departing from its roots, wherein it acknowledged the God of the […]

Doctor Strangelove Lives in Tehran

lead_large My friend "The Big Democrat" likes to remind me that "Ignorance is a verb." And although it ruffles my feathers when he tells me this because he says it with such a derisive tone when speaking about the American people, I cannot challenge him on his view. Having lived in nearly two dozen countries around […]