20 States Stand Against Obama—Refuse to Take in Islamic Immigrants

tx-al-copy The governments of Alabama, Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and sixteen other states have all told Obama that they do not want the Islamic immigrants coming into their states. The other states include, according to one report: ArizonaArkansasIllinoisIndianaLouisianaMassachusettsMichiganMississippiNorth CarolinaOhioWisconsin I did a whole video on this uprising against the Obama administration's support for the inundation of […]

The West Has Lost the Will to Live

eiffel-tower-peace-sign-and-pro-paris-hashtags-Getty-640x480 The most basic, primitive honor a nation owes to its dead is to fight to defend itself—to defeat the enemy and win. And yet the West won't. The West is hanging on by a thread and doesn't even know it. We are living off the fumes of the accomplishments of our forefathers and those who […]

Paris and What Should Be Done

paris-attacks The horrific attacks in Paris on Friday have, predictably, led to much over-reaction and demands that we do more of the exact things that radicalize people and make them want to attack us. The French military wasted no time bombing Syria in retaliation for the attacks, though it is not known where exactly the attackers […]

Gaystapo Calls for Arrest of “Unenlightened” Pastor

OpposingViews650pw We live in a Crybully-dominated culture – a cowardly, weak, yet very proud Pansy Nation brought about by the progressive multigenerational surrender of God-given individual, family, and church responsibilities to the State. None of this is accidental. None of it is random. And it is all purposefully designed to lead us deeper and deeper into the […]

Why the GOP Hates Donald Trump

FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2015 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. A wave of criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike rose Thursday after GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump insulted the physical appearance of his party's only female White House contender. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) After the insiders have established the United Socialist States of America (in fact if not in name), the next step is the Great Merger of all nations of the world into a dictatorial world government. … The Insiders' code word for the world superstate is "new world order," a phrase often used by Richard Nixon […]

No Sympathy for Paris?

some-celebrate-paris-attack-on-social-media-1447496864 "I have no sympathy for Paris." That is what a friend of mine said when we were discussing the recent terrorist attack there. I recently spent a few days in this fabulous "City of Light," so named because it was the first major city to utilize gas lights in the streets and because of its […]

America’s Collegiate Shop of Horrors

daily-c-struggles-mizzou-yale-1200x630-1447463053-1050x551 If you're outraged and don't know why, but, since your BFFs are, you are too, then this column is for you. Trigger warning: If you're one of those precious little snowflakes who #StandWithMizzou and support the #MillionStudentMarch, be warned: the following contains potentially "hurtful" microaggressions that may invade the reality-free sanctuary of your Safe Space™ […]