EB5 Visa Program Under Investigation

eb-5-visa How many Americans are familiar with or even know about the EB 5 visa program? Probably not many. The EB 5 visa program provides a method for foreign nationals to essentially buy green cards for themselves and family members who invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 dollars in US businesses. Green cards under this program are limited […]

Waiting for a Climate Apology

Climate-Fraud The Sierra Club gleefully reports that our saints at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to date have forced the closure of 186 coal-fired power plants. They claim there are still 337 to go. According to their data, each coal-fired plant produces an average of 500 MW of energy, capable of powering roughly 260,000 households. That's […]

Public Education Responsible for Obama’s Crusade Comments and Flaws in Foreign Policy

obama President Obama is one of many modern presidents whose foreign policy has disappointed because of flawed educational policies and political correctness. Once educational systems stopped teaching the basic tenets of the major religions and how those tenets shaped a nations government and social institutions, the quality of America's foreign policy was weakened. A comprehensive analysis […]

Huge Hoax Holds Humanity Hostage

Al_Gore_Lies_25 Wow! The Man-made Global Warming Hoax is a Hoax. Who saw this coming except anyone investing five minutes examining the scientific evidence from both sides? Or anyone remembering this is the same crowd of alarmists who warned of a new ice age in the 1970s. Let's see, they wouldn't buy the Brooklyn Bridge but they're […]

America, What Will You Do With Domestic Enemies?

Barack Obama, John Dingell, Marcela Owens "We can see clearly that these types of politicians are not the type that you can help; they are the type that must be legally stopped." – Bradlee Dean Here we are again this week complaining about the same administration that has transgressed the law and the rights of the American people. Barry blurted out […]

I’ll Bet You Are a “Domestic Extremist”

1420935659_ At one time, we were told that Islamic terrorists were the enemy. There were plenty of examples, so, as a nation, we got behind the idea of a "War on Terrorism." But as we have seen, the current administration will not use the word "Islamic" or even "terrorist" when referring to ISIS, the Taliban, Al […]

The Structure of Liberty

statue-of-liberty America is in trouble. It's not just the economy. It is not just the troubles in the inner cities of our land. No, the greatest threat is to the very purpose for which our ancestors came to these shores – religious freedom. Religious persecution in America is now a reality. The following stories came my […]

Jon Stewart gave Us the Era of Obama

reg_1024.obama.ls.101812_copy_2 Generation Xers mourning Stewart's departure ought to be thanking the man who made the awkward comedian's long tenure of pulling faces while making snide remarks possible: President Bush. George W. Bush made Jon Stewart. Even Stewart has admitted that his show came into its own when Bush did. A world in which a President Gore […]

CNN Anchor: Our Rights Do Not Come from God

Cuomo_gma CNN, the Communist News Network, invited Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on to discuss the redefinition of marriage argument that is taking place across the country and specifically in the State of Alabama. However, I'm sure it came as a shock to Moore, as well as many other patriotic Americans when morning anchor Chris Cuomo […]

Huffington Post Proselytizes for Islam

hijab-flags-afp-640x480 A recent article in the Huffington Post about alleged "Islamophobia" gives us a good look at how hard the left is working to give proof to their false claim that "Islamophobia" even exists. The article by Carol Kuruvilla claims that Darlene Hider, "a mother of four from Michigan, was traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Detroit on Monday when an unidentified […]