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Black Pastors Denounce Bathroom Proclamation by Hussein Soetoro

The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) is challenging Barack Obama's bathroom proclamation stating, "the Obama administration's assertion that single-sex bathrooms are discriminating against gender-confused individuals in much the same way that blacks experienced discrimination in the United States is a 'gross insult' to all who fought for equality for African-Americans."

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Obama: If We Keep Muslims Out, Who Will Help Us Fight Muslims?

Barack Obama recently stated, “Building walls won’t do that.   It won’t boost our economy, and it won’t enhance our security either.  Isolating or disparaging Muslims, suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country. That is not just a betrayal of our value. That’s not just a betrayal of who we are, it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism.”

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“No More Blue Eyes And Light Hair!” Muslim Researcher Brags About Committing Genocide Of German People On German State-Funded Television

A major Islamic researcher, highly respected in her field, has said outright ‘we are going to destroy you completely from your culture down to your biological makeup’ on a taxpayer-funded television station–a German equivalent of PBS or C-SPAN. “No more blue eyes.” “No more light hair.”

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