Senate Republicans Looking to Surrender in Human Trafficking Fight?

human_trafficking_by_me19leela Republican Sen. John Cornyn may have found a way to surrender to Senate Democrats in the human trafficking bill fight. Instead of setting up a restitution fund paid into by the perpetrators of human trafficking crimes, Cornyn is considering setting up a fund that Congress would appropriate annually, reported The Hill. That could satisfy Democrats, who are blocking the bill Cornyn sponsored […]

Starbucks: A Liberal Agenda Driven Business - Moves from Gun Control to “Are You a Racist?” Quiz

starbucks-race-together.0.0 In these trying economic times, most businesses are trying to do everything they can to remain solvent, refrain from closing or going bankrupt. However, there is one company that seems intent on alienating individuals who are regular customers or potential customers. The company who issued a letter requesting that individuals check their Second Amendment rights […]

Federal Judge Threatens Sanctions Against DOJ for Perjury in Obama Amnesty Case

B_dZKkDUsAAmgaZ In December, U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Schwab ruled that Obama had acted unconstitutionally following his speech on executive amnesty. Just weeks ago, a Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen ordered an investigation into Obama's illegal executive amnesty. Days later an appeal was filed against the injunction imposed against the unconstitutional amnesty put forward by Barack Obama. Now, Judge […]

Light One Candle

3154976164_b63a17def9 Over the years, I have used these articles to chronicle America's slide from a nation based on limited government, personal liberty, and economic opportunity to one based on an all-powerful central government, an apathetic public bought off with entitlements, and a regulated economy in free-fall to stagnation if not contraction. The professional politicians, their casino […]