Starbucks Spills Coffee on Its Crotch

Starbucks-free-to-use Espresso makes you hyper. When you're hyper, you sometimes make rash decisions. When you make rash decisions, you usually regret them. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz evidently chugged a Venti-five-shot-double-pump-skinny-vanilla-latte last week before announcing Starbucks' new "RaceTogether" public relations stunt. As he describes it, the über-"progressive" head of the multi-billion dollar corporate mega-giant that brews mediocre […]

Astonishing Contrast: U.S. Youth Vs. Israeli Youth

163457358 Stunned by defeat and still licking its considerable wounds in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upset landslide re-election, the radical left, anti-Zionist Haaretz has published a lengthy article on the group most responsible for Netanyahu's win: the young. It is a striking piece. Haaretz summed it up this way: Israel's youth voted […]

New Mexico Passes Bill To Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture

54adbc4aad8fd.image The New Mexico state legislature passed a groundbreaking bill Saturday to abolish civil asset forfeiture. Now Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who will likely get attention as a potential 2016 vice presidential candidate, will have the bill on her desk. Civil asset forfeiture is a practice where police can take and keep your property without convicting or even charging you […]

Senate Republicans Looking to Surrender in Human Trafficking Fight?

human_trafficking_by_me19leela Republican Sen. John Cornyn may have found a way to surrender to Senate Democrats in the human trafficking bill fight. Instead of setting up a restitution fund paid into by the perpetrators of human trafficking crimes, Cornyn is considering setting up a fund that Congress would appropriate annually, reported The Hill. That could satisfy Democrats, who are blocking the bill Cornyn sponsored […]