Islam - What's in a Name?

ISIS471-600x424 Does it really matter if an administration won't call ISIS Islamic? Does it really make a difference whether they call it terrorism, Islamic terrorism, or just extremism? What's in a name? Is it going cause our administration to somehow fight harder, or at all? We conservatives constantly rail against political populism and grandstanding. But isn't that what this […]

We Need More of Moore

set-5a-color-roy-moore-chief-justice-14825913jpg-df54fe1459ae944b_810_500_55_s_c1 The Ninth Amendment to the Constitution states that, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This past Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Chief Justice Moore is once again in the news for standing up for the rule […]

Larceny Isn’t So Grand

Eight commandment, thou shalt not steal I had the privilege of participating in the Reasons for Hope Conference this week as one of their panelists. There were many excellent presentations given, but one statistic grabbed my attention because of its critical importance to where we are headed as a country. Of all the children raised in church in our land, 70% […]

Comedian Blows Gun Grabbers Away About Second Amendment

muskets-only The brilliant and funny Steven Crowder recently debunked the favorite liberal myth that the Second Amendment only applies to muskets. The liberal story goes, that the founders couldn't possibly have foreseen the change in firearm technology and, therefore, only meant for muskets to be allowed freely. Sadly, for liberals, this rewriting of history is complete […]

Department of Justice May Sue Ferguson Police Department

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson Just when the city of Ferguson, Mo., thought its troubles were fading away, the Department of Justice is considering a lawsuit against Ferguson's police department, sources tell CNN. The DOJ reportedly will not charge Officer Darren Wilson, but is preparing a lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department over racially discriminatory policing if the department does not […]

A Revisionist Muslim History of America

turkey Turkish President Erdogan's claim that Columbus encountered a mosque in Cuba (the explorer actually saw a rock whose shape he compared to the dome of a mosque) and a Saudi Imam claiming that Columbus had sailed to America to attack Muslims are typical of an emerging genre of Muslim revisionist history that lays claim to […]

The Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs & the Crimes Committed by Those That Take Them

rezistenta_la_medicamente "ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease," said Leon Eisenberg, the "scientific father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)," in his last interview before his death. Yet, every year, parents are allowing dangerous drugs to be prescribed to their children to deal with a fabricated disease, rather than exercising discipline over their children. As a result, […]

Incompetent State Dept’s Marie Harf Defends #JobsForISIS Comments Unsuccessfully after Twitter Beatdown

f_dc_sd_iraq_130829 By now, just about everyone in America has heard the ridiculous claims of State Department spokesperson Marie Harf that stopping the Islamic State (ISIS) could be done by providing these cretins with job opportunities and working with Middle Eastern countries on their "governance" and helping to improve their economies. According to, the Twitterverse was […]

"Jobs for Jihadists" Applications Flood State Department

Application 2 After U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf announced that the long-term strategy in the fight against ISIS was to create jobs for potential jihadists, countless terrorists began filling out applications. Here are a few examples (along with a blank application for potential jihadists on the job hunt). Please, keep in mind this is satire, ok? […]