The Ebola Crisis Just Went From Bad to Worse

Checkpoint Under the category of “I told you so”, a political contact, Jatto Abdulqudir, whom I dubbed Patient Zero, Patrick Sawyer, has died. I had previously expressed the fear that Sawyer’s boarding of two airplanes with multiple connecting flights raised the likelihood that hundreds of thousands would be exposed on the same day to the Ebola […]

Israel’s Hannibal Protocol

hadar goldin What would you do to get a loved one back? What would you do if a family member was abducted – kidnapped – snatched by a well-known gang of thugs? Worse yet, you were witness to the event. You, like me, would move heaven and earth to cut off the perpetrators' escape, to retrieve your […]

The Militarization of Police on Display in Ferguson, Missouri

600x4082 Pay close attention my fellow Americans and you will see who the real insurgents are determined to be by our government. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri this week have been widely reported. However, what has escaped much of the coverage is the militarization of the police there. Following the police-involved shooting of eighteen year old […]

Robin Williams: The Romance of the Fall

Robin_Williams_1 Robin Williams is the keyword of the hour. Seeing the rash of stories about him, you might think that he went out at the high point of his career. And yet, those same people couldn't be bothered to actually watch the movies in which he was starring. The closest he came to a starring role […]

The Obama Administration's Anti-Terrorism Facade

terroristobamaexposed1 John Brennan, now head of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in a speech concerning the Obama administration's anti-terrorism strategy at a summer 2011 Johns Hopkins event, "Our strategy is shaped by a deeper understanding of al-Qaida's goals, strategy, and tactics that we have gained over the last decade. I'm not talking about al-Qaida's grandiose vision […]