"Jobs for Jihadists" Applications Flood State Department

Application 2 After U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf announced that the long-term strategy in the fight against ISIS was to create jobs for potential jihadists, countless terrorists began filling out applications. Here are a few examples (along with a blank application for potential jihadists on the job hunt). Please, keep in mind this is satire, ok? […]

Obamacare Fleecing the Middle Class

doctor-obamacare It is becoming increasingly difficult for Virginians to find doctors and secure appointments in a timely manner, thanks to Obamacare. After a fierce battle, the bills meant to create state exchanges and to expand Medicaid have died in the House and in the Senate. However, Democrat Governor McAuliffe added Medicaid expansion to his budget amendment. […]

Homosexual Movement Threatens These Freedoms

r-AMERICAS-GAY-RIGHTS-MOVEMENT-large570 Listen to the audio version of this article It is pointless to answer the insincere, bully arguments of militant homosexual activists because they will not accept the truth, no matter how plainly, simply, and in small words it is presented to them. These people have a propagandist mission of flooding conservative website comment sections with […]

72-Yr-Old Man Facing 10 Years in Prison for an Unloaded 18th Century Antique Pistol

1 The anti-Second Amendment sentiment spreading across America like cancer is reaching the same all-time ridiculous lows that our fearmongeringgovernment indoctrination centers, er, schools have been aiming for. If there is one thing all of the police strikes have shown us lately, it's that not all arrests are "absolutely necessary." They have literally admitted this. Makes sense […]