DHS & FBI Warn of July 4 Islamic Terror Attacks

IMG_503107-CDFB68-FA5CBD-316E90-64FF5B-0185E3 What a way to live. Everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop, or should I say the bomb to drop, all the while attacking any and all of us who oppose jihad. Vicious cowards. “US Officials Warn of ISIS Attacks on July 4,” By Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu, Jewish Press, June 27th, 2015 (thanks to Claude): […]

The Sellout of America

obama_sellout_pstr It is official. There can be no doubt that the majority of individuals sitting in the District of Corruption, including the Supreme Court, have some type of neurotransmitter imbalance, been taken over by aliens, or become possessed by demons. If only those were the case since a cure exists for those three issues. However, these […]

Cruz Proposes Amendments in Op-Ed

TedCruz042515 If my frustration level wasn't high enough with all the insanity of Congress, "His Lowness," and the Supreme Court (In)Justices, the email from Mark Campbell at Cruz for President appearing in my inbox exploded all the lit bulbs on the Christmas tree. First of all, I have not subscribed to anything from Ted Cruz, any […]

Please Don’t Feed the Children

Funny-Hummus-Images-4 If you've ever walked through a park, you can't help but notice the hundreds of pigeons flying around or standing in front of park benches waiting to be fed. The same can be said of seagulls that hover inexplicably over landlocked parking lots. They're seagulls! What the heck are they doing hanging out in the […]

Why it Matters that Our Rights Come from God

dec1 In our last two posts on rights (here and here), we discovered two things.  First, we discovered what it means to have rights.  We gave "rights" a definition to help us understand what we are talking about. I wrote: Rights then are the things that we should be able to do or enjoy simply because […]

Now the Words “Melting Pot” are Racist

12-22-14-0000 Now the words "melting pot" are racist. Here's why. "Melting pot" means assimilation of different things into one. What one thing does America stand for? As Charlie Sheen so eloquently put it, "Winning!" America is about making money and amassing wealth. The communists hate this, as an ideological foundation. The rest of the world is, […]