The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

Squeeze-Globe-Public-Domain Get ready for another major worldwide credit crunch.  Today, the entire global financial system resembles a colossal spiral of debt.  Just about all economic activity involves the flow of credit in some way, and so the only way to have “economic growth” is to introduce even more debt into the system.  When the system started […]

Tower of Greed

001-0212152122-Bank-of-International-Settlements-720x340 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to tell you, today may be the saddest day of my life. If you have not read, in full, Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World, please stop here and read, in full, the article that should change your view of our world and the way you conduct business. […]

Having the Mind of Christ

Mind-of-Christ One of the recurring questions that confronts us daily with the events taking place in our country is, "What could they be thinking? Have they lost their minds?" One example I read of this week is: "Foster High School in Texas is the site of more Christian persecution in America due to Islam. Now a […]