Obamacare Taxes to Triple

AP080912050913 Recently, it has come to light that Americans are stupid, according to the architect of the Obamacare program. And for those who missed it, he said it twice, so he must really mean it. Well, if that is the case, and we really are stupid, we are simply following our leaders. How many people actually signed up for Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) last […]

China Makes Climate Promises While Hacking US Weather Satellites

Vulnerabilities-NOAA-Satellite-System-850x595 Just after President Obama announced a tentative pledge with China to fight global warming, reports have surfaced that Chinese hackers successfully breached the federal weather satellite network which holds data "vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses," reports The Washington Post. In late September, hackers breached federal weather networks, the […]

Shock Claim: HIV Cures Cancer

CancerCuredHeadline What do we political geeks read and write about every day? Obama, the Democrats, the establishment Republicans. It's domestic politics, foreign policy, or something that has to do with government – and usually how bad it is, how big it is, or oppressive or expensive. Frankly, sometimes it gets to be too much for anyone. […]