The Technophobic Democrats

hillary-email If you believe Hillary Clinton, her email scandal happened because she couldn't figure out how to do what every American of working age knows how to do; juggle a work and personal email account. The Clinton vaporware bridge to the 21st century turned out to be a private email server that kept out the media, […]

Preaching to The Choir That Just Does Not Sing!

Oslo_Gospel_Choir "The church leaders in America today are responsible for more damage within than any foreign enemy could have inflicted from without.” –Bradlee Dean Just this week, my wife, my four young boys and I have been touring the east coast going through Washington D.C, North Carolina, South Carolina and finally ending up in Virginia.  We’ve […]

Presbyterian USA Group Again Chooses Sodomy Over The Bible

Bible The world is overflowing with deception (good is evil, and evil is good), false religions and doctrines forged in Hell. Among the world's false religions, there are none more sinister—in my opinion—than those that claim the name of Christ while espousing all kinds of unbiblical error and even things the Lord calls abomination. While other […]

Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging

54ddfd37611e9bc8728b45ad The Egyptian government under General al-Sisi just sentenced twenty-one more Muslim Brotherhood members to death by hanging. Amongst the twenty-one sentenced is Mohamed Badie, the chief of the Muslim Brotherhood. Badie and thirteen other Muslim Brotherhood terrorists were found guilty of organizing an "operation room" by which to guide terrorists and mobs to revolt against […]

Hurried NC Landfill Deal Riles Residents

landfill While a local county Board of Commissioners meeting is not usually something newsworthy, it can become so when an issue brings together residents of an entire county to support a small community within the county experiencing what some would describe as contentious. Last evening, the Newton County, Georgia Board of Commissioners agreed to postpone any […]

Texas Senate OKs Handgun Open Carry, Governor To Sign

NewTexas On Monday, handgun open carry legislation moved one step closer to Texas law after it passed the Texas State Senate. Senate Bill 17 would allow citizens with concealed carry permits to open carry handguns. The 20-11 vote was unsurprisingly divided on party lines with 20 Republicans voting in favor and 11 Democrats voting against the bill. […]

Eternal Life at Yard-Sale Prices

yardsale-pdxneatsheet "And the king said unto Araunah, "Nay; but I will surely buy it from thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing." -2 Samuel 24:24 Cheap grace: just another way of describing the Gospel that is being peddled by the neo-evangelicals. […]

Making it Even Easier to Vote

vote It's gotten so easy to vote nowadays. There is early (and often) voting, absentee voting, vote by mail, and I'm sure in the not too distant future there will be internet voting, right from one's Smartphone. Voting used to be a privilege – a process where a citizen would actually want to make an effort […]