Don't Believe the Ebola Lies

hero-original-1395671071 Our government has it all under control, and we should believe them. After all, they've done so well with literally everything else. We see how well this administration has handled Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention ISIS, so far. The Obamacare website is running like a Swiss watch…or is that a Yugo? They've brokered peace […]

Why the Welfare State Isn’t Well and It Isn’t Fair

welfare-state Throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries, Socialism had a fairly precise definition, a somewhat clear program, and a generally agreed upon goal. The definition of Socialism was some variant of Karl Marx's well known statement, "From each according to the ability to each according to their need." Socialism's program was the nationalization of […]

Second Potential Ebola Patient Being Monitored in Dallas

exas-Health-Presbyterian-Hospital-Dallas-600x284 Whether or not Ebola is transmissible through the air, which is the subject of much debate and great speculation, we do know that close physical contact with an infected person is a sure fire way to put one's self at risk of contracting the virus.  After yesterday's bombshell admission that an Ebola patient is being treated in Dallas, a second potential victim […]

Ebola: The Truth About How Viruses Work

o-EBOLA-VIRUS-facebook Yesterday, it was reported that an individual in Dallas, Texas was diagnosed with the Ebola virus. The concern now is not when or if the Ebola virus will enter the United States; but, containing the virus now that it has. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) director, Dr. Tom Frieden, stated in a press conference […]

Times that Try Men’s Souls

1346851259537798 "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right…" So wrote Thomas Paine in a pamphlet called Common Sense, which caused quite a stir back in 1775. It is widely believed that Thomas Paine's philosophy greatly aided the cause of American Independence with a logic and a passion […]

Gun Range Owner Establishes Muslim Free Zone

Jan-Morgan-470x428 Do business owners have the right to run their businesses how they like as long as they are ethical in their practice? I would say yes. They have the right to open their business to whoever they like and discriminate against whoever they like. Jan Morgan has recently declared her gun range in Hot Springs, […]