13-Year-Old C J Pearson Pushes Oxymoron: Supports Marco Rubio while Claiming to be Fiscally Conservative & Socially Liberal

47871_CJ-Pearson-001-1 I knew there was a problem with 13-year-old C. J. Pearson when he shot onto the national stage after ripping Barack Hussein Obama. Now, it's come to light that the self-proclaimed "conservative" teen is pushing a constitutionally ineligible candidate, Marco Rubio. In an interview with TheBlaze, Pearson said that he identifies more as an independent […]

German Reports: Israeli Intelligence Prevented Bomb Attack on Soccer Stadium in Hanover

so-khung-bo-duc-co-the-dua-quan-doi-tuan-tra-duong-pho Israel helped thwart a major terror attack in the German city of Hanover last week, German media reported on Wednesday. According to Stern magazine, Israel offered crucial intelligence on an anticipated terror attack targeting the soccer match between Germany and Holland's national teams. INN: Israeli intelligence provided German authorities with information about a planned bombing at the HDI Arena as early as last Monday. […]

Black Friday 2015 Video Hall of Shame

Black-Friday-2015-Hall-of-Shame American shoppers continued to embarrass themselves in the eyes of the world during yesterday's shopping extravaganza. While smart shoppers stayed home and avoided the insanity by ordering gifts online, the melees were alive and well in malls and big box stores across the country. When it becomes difficult to tell the difference between that giant […]

Democrat Party Platform, 1948: "We pledge full recognition to the State of Israel... We...accord to...Israel the right of Self-Defense"

convention_aug08_3_631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop During World War I, Britain's war effort was hindered by their ineffective manufacturing of explosives. Britain's situation suddenly changed when a chemist made a breakthrough in synthesizing the needed solvent 'acetone' by using a bacterial fermentation process. The chemist, whose Jewish family had immigrated from Russia, was Dr. Chaim Weizmann, born NOVEMBER 27, 1874. In […]

Federal Court to Dismiss Designated Terror Group CAIR's Lawsuit against Florida Gun Store’s “Muslim Free Zone”

AFLC_CAIR_banner2-800x412 Our intrepid legal team, the American Freedom Law Center, which has successfully represented us in numerous free speech lawsuits, has won an important victory for freedom against Hamas-CAIR: “Federal Court Grants AFLC’s Motion to Dismiss CAIR Lawsuit against Florida Gun Store’s ‘Muslim Free Zone,’” American Freedom Law Center, November 24, 2015: Today (November 24, 2015), […]

Watch New Raw Footage of Russia Unleashing HELL from Land Air and Sea on the Muslim Terrorists Who Killed Their Pilot

planes While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, Putin, in his own style, sent a gift to the Turkmen who killed his pilot: hell, fire, and brimstone coming from all directions—land, air, and sea. The gift was not limited to the killers, but also included all their relatives and associates as well: anyone with the affiliation of Turkmen. Now you can watch […]