The Brotherhood of Man

28618301 Words do have meanings. But the meanings do change. We all know the common usage of the word "brother" in differentiating siblings. Well, at least we used to. Now with all the trans-gender crossovers, I guess we can't be really sure any more. Heard a good one the other day. "'Sex' is what you is. […]

With This Offer, You Better Hope You’re Lucky

citizenship Almost everyone can benefit by having a second citizenship and passport. The biggest advantage is that it gives you a way to travel internationally if you lose your primary passport or if your government seizes it. There is also a unique benefit for US citizens: only with a second passport can you legally divorce Uncle […]

The Free Market is Not a Suicide Pact

nglsgngs Immigration has become the third rail of American politics. At a time when the labor force participation rate has fallen to 62 percent and the employment growth for the last 15 years has gone to immigrants, opposing the Super-Amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens is still considered an extreme position… in the Republican Party. So […]

Lesbian Teacher Pam Strong Admits Indoctrinating Her Students

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sodomy activists in Canada (and in the USA) have taken it upon themselves to "normalize" homosexual activity in the common culture. They've used their allies in the media and in the public schools to do this, and they've grown more and more bold in their messaging. Taking advantage of the media, they've used popular entertainment […]