ACLU Threats: Obstacles or Opportunities?

7403731050_9a1ee480de_b Do you find yourself discouraged over the sheer volume of battles we face as progressives continue to interfere in so many areas of our personal and public lives? Education, property rights, marriage…the list is long. Many Tea Party and Liberty Groups are losing members who are weary of not seeing the changes they desire. It's […]

Local Fusion Center Tracking ISIS Threat in West Virginia

wv-fusion-center-video-screenshot-600x337 For those who have often wondered what our highly controversial fusion centers are supposed to do, this might be a prime example. The Fusion Intelligence Center of Charleston, WV has been tracking ISIS recruiting and training in the area. Though their specific roles and sources of funding are often misunderstood, there are fusion centers in all 50 states that have access […]

Democrats Manipulating Elections

vote The Democrats work within one single mantra – "Win at all costs at everything." In the midterm elections, there are key races that, if won by Republicans, would tip the Senate majority away from Democrats and release the stranglehold of government by one Harry Reid. But is it enough that Democrats just win? The way […]

Christians Banned from Schools in Iraq

help-iraqi-christians-600x375 The average American is so dumbed down by the propaganda of corporate, state-controlled media that they have no clue what is really happening in Iraq. For instance, how many people truly believe that we are involved in Iraq to stop the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities? Believe what you will but we committed nothing to Iraq until the Islamic […]

"Surprising" MH17 Crash Update

mh17-crash8-data The title of this article, "Surprising" MH17 Crash Update, is accurate only in the sense the average sheep believes the average mainstream media report. Since that is the majority, the title is accurate. Mish readers, however, may find this report not surprising. Reader Marina from Toronto explains via email .... Hello Mish, My name is […]

Top Expert: Ariborne Ebola is “Not Far-Fetched”

291933-ebola-virus Scientists are now admitting that the Ebola virus could mutate into an airborne form and spread across the world. David Sanders, associate professor of biological sciences at Perdue University, is one of those experts. His work on Ebola led to his participation in the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Biological Weapons Proliferation Prevention Program. He […]

Unspeakable Horrors Becoming Normal

satanis-wall When was the last time you got down on your knees with your family and prayed? Really prayed, not for anything specific, just humbled yourselves before Christ and thanked God for creating the life around you. Get your spouse and your 2.1 children and pray. You can't do it, can you? You feel stupid just thinking […]

Oneida Cheerleaders Give a Poke in the Eye to Prayer Ban

Oneida-High-School-cheerleaders Years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee asked the Oneida High School to stop announcing prayers over their PA system. Instead of opposing the communist ACLU, the school pandered to them, changing "prayer" to a "moment of silence" (whatever that is). Apparently, the young people are doing what the parents wouldn't do and […]

War With ISIS: Don’t Touch the Mountain

isis-marching-AP We were told last week that the greatest threat to our wellbeing today is some new Mohamedean group ISIS, who is ravaging the Middle East. We have also been advised that the best security is for us to go to war against this new threat. So last Wednesday the imposter essentially declared war against ISIS. […]