Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline

ObamaKeystoneJPEG-053f2_1424821480-kgbG-U1040213126633065D-700x394@LaStampa.it President Obama the "Obstructionist" strikes again. The President vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline on Tuesday and his reasons for doing so were "surprisingly" NOT good. TO THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES: I am returning herewith without my approval S. 1, the "Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act."  Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent […]

Chris Kyle’s Murderer & Psychotropic Drugs

routh-kyle-littlefield-2015 “He died because someone wanted to kill him.”-Taya Kyle Chris Kyle, “The American sniper,” was quite an American in so many ways.  He was known to his Navy SEAL brethren as “The Legend” and to his enemies as Al Shaitan, the “Devil.” The Navy had confirmed 160 kills to Kyle’s credit.  However, both he and […]

Obama’s Communist Mentor

timthumb.php Not too much is ever mentioned about just who Frank Marshal Davis was or what he did in relation to being a mentor to now President Obama. Had some of what this man was linked to been shown, Obama would have been chewed up by the press—sorry, they knew about this, but they wanted to […]

WHAT EVERY AMERICAN MUST KNOW: The Roots of U.S. Domestic Muslim Brotherhood Problem and the Reasons Why the Republican Establishment Avoid It

egyptian-muslim-brotherhood-logo The details about why someone very high up in the George W. Bush administration intentionally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory barely six months after 9/11 are not entirely known. What is known is that someone high up in the administration made that call and no fewer than two Muslim American leaders aggressively lobbied […]

Edward Snowden Wins Oscar, Loses Country

Edward Snowden Speaks To The Guardian Edward Snowden was recently recognized for his heroic Patriotism again as Citizenfour, the film chronicling the events surrounding his heroic and historic revelation of U.S. government wrongdoing, received critical acclaim including an Oscar. As you may recall, Snowden made public the unconstitutional, unlawful, and criminal behavior of the National Security Agency Currently living under sanctuary […]

Infiltrators in Newton, Georgia GOP Bring Showdown

NewtonGOP2_400x400 A struggle within the Republican Party of Newton County Georgia is occurring. The 11 Alive news coverage of the attorney for Newton County, Tommy Craig, being paid more than $1 million dollars in 2014, along with some of the county commissioners' incredulous lackadaisical attitude toward Craig's unpaid tax bill, has sparked a tsunami of conservatism […]

The Path to Understanding - Great Betrayal on the Way

049930b944e12320403aefa1874163ff The grave danger of a proposed trade agreement is coming up for ratification by the Senate very soon. It is more of a threat to our freedoms, what little we have remaining, than Obama Care, amnesty, and Hillary Rodham Clinton combined. Watch this video from William Jasper regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This TPP […]

The Ottoman Conquest Of The Middle East Begins

1 Turkish soldiers launched an overnight raid into neighboring Syria, sending 600 ground forces backed by a combination of 100 tanks and armored vehicles crossing the border near the border town of Kobani. There were also drones and airplanes flew reconnaissance missions overhead as Davutoglu disclosed on Sunday today.       The mission, they claim, is for "saving Turkish […]