Obama Halts 1033 Program

Racine-County-MRAP It wasn't that long ago that the US Emperor, oh, I mean Barack Obama, said, "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." Promising the "most transparent administration" in US history, this man claimed he would read every line of every bill before signing it, allow the […]

The Privilege of Institutionalized Racism

whitey-300x228 The left is truly relentless, especially when pushing their race-based agenda.  It doesn't matter how many times their claims of racism prove to be fallacious, they continue to double down with their "white privilege" narrative, paying no attention to the damage they cause. The most recent example of this is Eric Holder's renewed focus on […]

State-Run Schools Teach Sexual Perversion (Again) – Parents Pretend to be “Shocked” & “Horrified” (Again) - Keep Feeding Their Children to the Beast

1431714595868 So according to a report published late last week, some "shocked" American parents are "furious" about their government run school's plan to teach kids about stuff like "gender fluidity" and "the gender spectrum." To which one might be rightly compelled by concern and true love for these folks and their children to respond: What did you expect?! I […]

Muslims & Sodomites: Birds of a Feather…

1371551047366.cached We've been reporting on the push by Islamists in Texas against an anti-foreign laws bill that would render Shariah in America impotent (as though it actually needed such legislation). Angry Muslims voiced their opinions against such bills after the establishment of a Shariah tribunal in Texas back in January (a tribunal that was formed with […]

Dialectical Materialism: Change through Opposing Views in Media

Marx-quote-dialectics-255x300 Most people understand the mainstream media has an "extreme" left wing bias, to say the least. The exposure of Brian Williams' "Iraq war" lie should be enough to discredit any left wing news organization, as it seems everything they report is in fact, a severe misrepresentation of truth. Michael Savage, on his nightly radio program, […]

Ron Paul: Are We a Nation of Wimps?

ronpaulpolicestateshtf Ron Paul recently released a scathing op-ed on our current cultural wimpiness. In the op-ed, Dr. Paul is in vintage form, attacking liberal economic policies as well as neoconservative military policies, seeing both as very real dangers to America and her constitution. While most readers won't agree with everything that Dr. Paul says here, there […]

Biker Gang Shooting In Texas Leaves 9 Dead, 18 Others Injured

18waco-web-master675 A war between three rival biker gangs erupted in Texas Sunday in the parking lot of a restaurant, leaving nine people dead and emergency services rushing eighteen others to the hospital with serious injuries. According to police, no bystanders were injured, but the incident itself wasn't a surprise, KWTX-TV News reports. Police in Waco had their […]

Solving the ‘Problem’ of ‘Transgender’ Inmates

GB9L5.AuSt.77 Not to be Captain Obvious here, but actions and choices have consequences. Here in the United States, we have barely begun to see the consequences that will result from the embrace of mass-lunacy surrounding the "transgender" movement. For instance, on Friday, our local newspaper published a front-page article about the "problem" of housing "transgender" criminals […]

Republicans Formulate Failed Replacements for Obamacare

Health-care-reform5 In six week, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on King vs. Burwell – the case that will determine whether Obamacare subsidies issued to individuals in states that did not establish health care exchanges violates a provision of the Obamacare law. Republicans in Congress have been split over a "repeal" of Obamacare or a […]

Climate Alarmists are Doubling Down

93485_5_ Despite all the evidence to the contrary, climate alarmists, dressed in lab coats and calling themselves scientists are becoming wackier with every passing year. The latest demonstration of said wackiness was a recent and no doubt little heard NPR radio interview of Peter Tans, the chief greenhouse gas scientist at NOAA. I say little heard […]