The Chickens of Communism Have Come Home to Roost

index The chickens of intolerance and communist social justice have come home to roost on the American campus. Decades of Marxist indoctrination by the vaunted communist academia are finally paying off -- our cultural heritage is replaced by cultural Marxism and primitive cultures that are deemed superior to ours and worshipped. Academia has been blotting out […]

The Most Important Human Government

family-730320_1280 As we approach the Thanksgiving to Christmas season, I am reminded of that same time of the year in 1992. My Father, Gordon Whitney, was battling brain cancer. It had been two years since diagnosis. There was surgery and treatment that, at first, seemed successful, but then the cancer returned and we were told it […]

Yes, Obama Did Just Admit He Is A Muslim!

151116102617-barack-obama-g20-november-16-2015-full-169 Let's be honest here, for many of us, we have no problem at all believing that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim at heart, despite his claim to be a Christian. As far as I can tell from his 2004 interview, he doesn't have a clue about Christian doctrine. At the closing of the G20 […]