Natural Born Citizen and Coverture

constitutional-convention At the common law, Husband and wife were "one" and The Man was The One. The legal name of this concept is "coverture". Married women weren't separate legal entities in their own right. Their legal identity was subsumed under their Husband's. Married women weren't "citizens" in their own right. Vattel and our Framers had the FATHER […]

“The Extras on Life’s Stage”

stage As I sit at lunch across from young people in their early thirties, discussing the reasons why Americans have lost patriotism and respect for their own country, I am reminded of Dr. Savage's monologue describing the average Americans in New York City who goes about their daily business as "extras on life's stage," not unlike […]

Was Eisenhower an Immoral, Angry White Man?

history_eisenhower_on_the_middle_east_speech_still_624x352 There are things about Donald Trump's immigration platform that I like and that are doable, and there are things that are kind of absurd and unconstitutional—not to mention progressive. Building the Trump Wall across the southern border with a few large doors is a good idea. I think most reasonable conservatives would agree. However, making […]

Nine Myths from the Convention of States Project

Screen-Shot-2015-03-27-at-6.44.45-PM-620x362 Rita Dunaway, staff counsel for the Convention of States Project (COS), wrote an article title Five Myths about Article Five, which turns the Constitution on its ear. Ironically, her article challenges five premises that are true, while invoking at least 9 myths of her own. In fact, the very name "convention of states," is being […]