Make Sure You File This Form by June 30

FBAR Back in 1970, Congress enacted a law that became known as the Bank Secrecy Act, or BSA. But like the PATRIOT Act, the USA Freedom Act, and many other opaquely named laws Congress enacts, the BSA had nothing to do with encouraging bank secrecy. Indeed, perhaps more than any other law enacted by Congress, in […]

The Popular Progressive Populism of the Donald

donald_0 A couple of days ago, Donald Trump appeared on Mark Levin's radio program. Frankly, I was surprised Trump agreed, considering in 2011 Mediaite reported that Mark said the following about Trump: "Levin was on fire as he provided a series of arguments to discredit nearly every perceived benefit of a Trump candidacy. Suggesting Trump's proposal […]

House Trying to Push Unconstitutional TPA Through… Again!

congress Today, the House of Representatives is attempting to vote through the unconstitutional Trade Promotion Authority that it approved last week while rejecting the Trade Adjustment Assistance. Sadly, it is Republicans who are leading the charge for TPA. Roll Call reports: The House is set to vote Thursday on Trade Promotion Authority, with GOP leaders employing […]

This Purpose of Jade Helm Is the Most Dangerous of All

gun-confiscation This week was the new "official" launch date for Jade Helm and a very clear picture is taking shape. It is now apparent that Jade Helm has at least four purposes: Political dissident extractions to be carried out under the NDAA which "allows" for the unconstitutional practice of indefinite detention without the required 5th Amendment […]

The Socialist Left Wants to Make Things Right

view It is a tune many failed socialist nations have heard before. When the mainstream media proclaimed a few years ago, "We are all socialists now," people shrugged their shoulders and went about their capitalist business. Do Americans at large understand that socialism involves various economic and political theories which advocate collective or government ownership of […]

The Institutionalization of Foolishness

11059996_706667996105667_6355214090913520280_n Liberalism is a Mental Disorder is the title of a book written by radio talker Dr. Michael Savage over a decade ago. It was a catchy phrase—sort of a tongue-in-cheek assessment of the condition of the modern liberal. Is it just me, or does 2005 seem like a generation ago? "Political Correctness" was just beginning […]

The Common Core-ing of Society

factors3_ea93e78faaeb7e0725167bbca78d7c1c You may recall the incident in Grayslake, Illinois, reported by The Blaze, where "Community Consolidated School District 46 curriculum coordinator Amanda August in which she said it matters less if students answer 3 x 4 incorrectly as long as they explain how they arrived at their final answer." Although Ms. August did say that the […]