Obama Helped Al-Qaeda in Benghazi

funding Ever wonder why the Lame Stream Media just does not seem to show facts that pop up about Obama and what he did in Benghazi? Why did Obama "misdirect" the facts by saying it was a video? Why would he make sure all his subordinates would do the same? Why did all of those below […]

5 More Casualties in Jihad War on America

620 The jihad is here, and every American is a target. Four Marines and a Navy petty officer were shot dead in cold blood and one police officer was wounded last Thursday in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The murderer, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was not on any watch lists or any terror suspect lists. He was born in Kuwait, […]

Psychopolitics in Social Work Education

the_americans In my book, "Not on my watch: Exposing the Marxist agenda in education," I describe the indoctrination process taking place in our public universities, while also sharing some personal stories of taking on the radical "academic left." Many of my readers know that I was a social work major, and, since finishing school, I have […]

Obama’s Blackmail Africa Tour

President Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One before his departure from Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Friday, May 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) So Obama is off to Africa to once again visit his homeland - the place of his birth (just kidding). I'm sure he will be speechifying on a variety of useless topics like how destitute nations of Africa must combat global warming. I'm sure that is high on the list of priorities for war-torn countries […]

Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons

17754_L16x9 Last week's successfully concluded Iran agreement is one of the two most important achievements of an otherwise pretty dismal Obama presidency. Along with the ongoing process of normalizing relations with Cuba, this move shows that diplomacy can produce peaceful, positive changes. It also shows that sometimes taking a principled position means facing down overwhelming opposition […]

Millions and Millions of Mohammeds

turbanbomb1 Before Mohammad Youssduf Adulazeer shot up a military recruiting center in Chattanooga from a car and then sped away, another Mohammed, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad did much the same thing in 2009. Both struck military recruiting centers in the South, but the 2009 Mohammed had a message for Americans that we, unfortunately, failed to heed. "This […]

Christian Universities: Will They Obey God or Man?

Bible-lit-up It's by design. As I, and others, have repeatedly warned, the establishment of so-called "gay marriage" as a newfangled federal "right," and the free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment simply cannot coexist in harmony. Things diametrically at odds cannot possibly occupy, with any coherence, the same time and space. The secular […]

Genesis 3D: Bringing the Creation to the Big Screen

Genesis3D_Wallpaper_Poster Following the release of Dr. Kent Hovind on July 8, I had the pleasure of speaking with his son, Eric Hovind, about the release of a brand new film set to be completed in July 2016. The Genesis 3D movie will detail the Creation account from the Book of Genesis like nothing seen previously. Creation […]

The Road to Moral Anarchy

why-islam-fights-immorality This past week our family has enjoyed berry picking. The wild raspberry harvest came in this week, and they are delicious. When the sun strikes them, they look like ruby jewels hanging in groups from the raspberry bushes. You can tell from the colors which are the ripest--a deep burgundy instead of candy apple red. […]

There is No “God-Given Right” to Murder Children

ChildSacrifice650pw What would you call a person who casually discusses, over a nice crunchy salad, their personal role in the systematic murder and dismemberment of innocent children so that their little baby body parts might be most effectively marketed and fed to others? Evil? Sure. Demonic? Yeah. Disgusting, vile, and repulsive? Yes, yes, and yes. But […]

Election Fraud Time Again

1342687571001.cached Gee, how time flies when you're having fun. Election time again! But isn't it always? You who follow these columns may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, I fearlessly predicted that Hillary would win the 2016 presidential election. Do I think she is the best qualified candidate? Of course not. But her ace in […]

Congressman to Introduce Bill to Arm Military Recruiters

army.mil-2007-08-15-102243 Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter's office told The Daily Caller News Foundation they are finalizing a bill that would address a key gun regulation that could have influenced the outcome of the Chattanooga shooting. The shooting left four Marines dead after a man opened fire on a recruiting center before moving on to wound three more military […]

Obama Sets Sights on Taking Guns from Elderly and Disabled

011413_sr_panel_640 The four Marines and Navy Petty officer killed in the Islamic jihad attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday have not even been laid to rest and the Marxist usurper-in-chief is already at work to get your guns. After all of the federal government's criminal writing of laws and then illegally enforcing them on the nation, […]

Chattannooga Jihadist Confirmed as Palestinian Terrorist Who Visited Islamic State Infested Community

Chattanooga_gunman_Mohammad_Youssef_Abdu_3190200000_21607668_ver1.0_640_480 Editor's Note: And the FBI says that there's no indication he was inspired by the Islamic State. As Shoebat.com stated yesterday prior to media speculation, that the Tennessee shooter was Palestinian, now the government of Jordan confirms it as reported by CNN Arabic. Also, his real name is not Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. The shooter’s real name isMohammad […]