There are no Rights without Jesus Christ

god not government Imagine you were playing football against a very determined opponent and a new rule was introduced. According to this new rule of play, your team could actually never have possession of the football. Every time you received a kick-off, or recovered a fumble, or intercepted a pass, or even when you took over on downs, […]

Latino Ingrate or Shrewd El Politico

amnesty Perusing the inter-web, I found an article that intrigued me. The man who wrote it--or the editor, or someone--entitled it properly, causing me to click on it and read. The article is, "Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats," posted by Arturo Carmona at Real Clear Politics. Mr. Carmona is executive director of Presidente Action. Well, […]

Ferguson, Missouri. Is Your Town Next?

ferguson Seemed like a nice enough little community. Well, it did until a 28-year-old police officer, Darren Wilson, attempted to apprehend Michael Brown, a 270-pound convenience store robber. I don't have to repeat the details, you know them already. Do we have gun-happy police officers? Of course we do. There are always those who let a […]

The U.N. and Obama: Creators of a One-World Frankenstein

Obama-wins-Peace-Prize In 2005, then Secretary General of the U.N. Kofi Annan observed that, while the U.N. previously dealt only with governments, in the interest of global peace and prosperity the United Nations should extend its reach and partner directly with the business community, civil society, and international organizations.  He envisioned the elimination of state sovereignty and […]

The She Woman Man Haters Club

1372733786_84175 I was not aware that there are different types of voters. All this time, I thought there was just one. In one respect, I guess, I'm correct. If you're a Republican, or certainly a conservative, there is only one. However, Democrats, you see, have more options. A Democrat can be a standard off-the-rack voter—or he […]

Only 1 Day Left to Save America

election-2014 Attention Christians & Jews who love America, We have 5 days until the mid-term elections. We have created a special set of voter guides [] that need to be distributed to churches and synagogues across the country leading up to next Tuesday. Our goal is to get 10 - 20 million of these guides distributed. […]

The Islamization of Jerusalem

11378543381 Chaya Zissel Braun was murdered on her first trip back from the Western Wall where the indigenous Jewish population of Israel continues to pray in the shadow of the shrine established there by the Muslim conquerors from which the racist Muslim settlers rain down rocks on the Jewish worshipers.  The three-month-old baby girl died when […]

GAO Report Shows Veterans' Safety Net Strained

15897084 A new government accountability report shows that roughly 60,000 veterans on disability bring home three times what their actual military pay would amount to, costing Veterans Affairs $3.5 billion dollars. What these veterans do is collect retirement and disability from the VA, and then also file for disability with Social Security. While this setup is not illegal, […]

Colorado Congressional Candidates Debate Entirely In Spanish

spanish-debate In a first for Colorado, a debate between candidates for Congress was done entirely in Spanish, even though it is neither candidate's native language. Republican incumbent Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff answered questions entirely in Spanish for about 30 minutes Thursday night, hoping to appeal to the 6th Congressional District's sizable Latino population. […]