Objective: To Classify People as the Enemy

1799679 The following is a summary of objectives I want you to read, and then try to decide where they originate from: ◙  Objective: To make nature the central organizing principle◙  Objective: To establish a legal regime that will utilize international treaties to control all policies from the international level to the national and local levels◙ […]

The People’s Choice

 The latest polls indicate that 70% of Americans believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Those that claim to understand the polls would have us believe there will be a major change of political party control as a result; but that doesn't mean a major change in the direction of the country. […]

No More Compromise for This Conservative

120305_rush_limbaugh_courtesy_328 For the first time, I had to switch off the Rush Limbaugh radio show. I can't recall ever having to do that, and I've been listening since George H.W. Bush was president. He was positively schizophrenic. The topic was a Politico article regarding a potential Republican victory and the impact of the establishment Republicans on the party. […]

NASA Warns California Drought Could Threaten U.S. Food Supply: “There will be some definite changes”

California-Drought NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has sounded a stark warning over California’s sustained drought, publishing its latest findings where satellite surveys show a rapidly depleting groundwater supply. And with California as the United States’ most valuable agricultural state, and thus key to America’s food supply (and much of the world’s as well) that could mean drastic […]

There are no Rights without Jesus Christ

god not government Imagine you were playing football against a very determined opponent and a new rule was introduced. According to this new rule of play, your team could actually never have possession of the football. Every time you received a kick-off, or recovered a fumble, or intercepted a pass, or even when you took over on downs, […]

Latino Ingrate or Shrewd El Politico

amnesty Perusing the inter-web, I found an article that intrigued me. The man who wrote it--or the editor, or someone--entitled it properly, causing me to click on it and read. The article is, "Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats," posted by Arturo Carmona at Real Clear Politics. Mr. Carmona is executive director of Presidente Action. Well, […]