Costly Internet Tax Could Be On The Horizon

internet-tax-f Web users will face billions of dollars in new taxes if Congress allows a ban on Internet taxes to expire in December. The Internet Tax Freedom Act prevents state and local governments from taxing Internet use and has been reauthorized every three years since 1998. If it is not reauthorized in December, consumers and businesses […]

Border Patrol Agent Slams Feds: “We All Know Who We’ve Captured… You Can’t Keep This Kind Of Information A Secret”

border-fence-AZ Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) recently claimed that a high-level Department of Homeland Security official informed him of the capture of at least ten Islamic State terrorists on the Texas-Mexico border. A DHS spokesperson speaking with the New Republic unequivocally denied the Congressman’s claims: “The suggestion that individuals who have ties to ISIL have been apprehended […]

You Do Not Ask for Permission From An Atheist to Obey God!

stopaskingfeature-1000x500 "Serious religion, under its various denominations (Lutherans, Baptists, Wesleyans, Catholics etc…) is not only tolerated, but respected and practiced. Atheism is unknown…." -Benjamin Franklin "Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on … I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely […]

30-Year Muslim Plan To Control America Has Six Years To Go

Shaker_Elsayed_Honolulu Twenty-five years ago, Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradwai traveled to America and unpacked his plan for a Muslim takeover that would begin one year later and take 30 years to complete. It included a key component and tactic known as Muruna. Like the Ebola virus, it is extremely effective at carrying out its deadly mission. Since […]

Obama’s Policies on the November 4th Ballot

c70732a2-0914-4efe-aad1-3ace161f4715 Of course I write articles that reflect my own opinions, but I don't make up my own facts. I don't have to. My job is to tell you about them in time for you to react to them. In the upcoming November 4th mid-term Congressional Elections, Mr. Obama has given you just such an opportunity. […]

What Will It Take to Get Our Border Secured?

border-fence-reuters Who'd have figured that the modern day plague (potentially) may be the cure for illegal immigration? For years, conservatives have struggled against the left and the Chamber of Commerce prostitutes, the establishment Republicans, to stop, or at least stem, the tide of illegals – to close the border. No matter what the argument for closing […]

EPA Pulls An IRS - Admits Losing Agency Text Messages

TEXTS It appears the Environmental Protection Agency has the same IT people as the Internal Revenue Service. Agency officials are now telling a federal court they lost text messages sent from top officials' phones. Justice Department lawyers said they will soon be telling a federal judge the EPA misplaced text messages sent to and from the […]

EIGHT Confirmed Ebola Cases in Europe

ebolaeurope8cases This bit of information was buried within a CNN article about Thomas Duncan’s death from Ebola earlier today… Meanwhile, Frederic Vincent, a spokesman for the European Commission, told CNN on Wednesday that there have been eight confirmed cases of Ebola in European countries. There is one case in the United Kingdom that has been treated […]

Ferguson Organizing Weekend: Pro-Palestinian Groups Join Usual Cast of Characters to Incite more Violence

New-Meme-PSC This coming weekend, Breitbart and others have reported on a new "Weekend of Resistance" planned in Ferguson, uniting the pro-Palestinian activists with the Ferguson activists. At first, you might wonder what these two movements would have in common, but they can explain that easily: Friday, October 10th: Panel discussion exploring the intersections of U.S. police […]