Most Top Islamic Jihadis Were Once Held by US

ISIL-militants Releasing these savages is part and parcel of a delusional policy of denial of the jihad threat. And still we learn nothing. It's not just the Islamic State: Obama released the top five Taliban terror leaders "in exchange" for AWOL traitor Bowe Bergdahl just a couple of months ago. Most worrying is the fact that […]

Why Was Ebola-Infected Patrick Sawyer Cleared for Travel?

patrick sawyer And why aren’t any media outlets outside of Africa talking about it? Another scandal surrounding Ebola has exploded in Africa. As reported in African media, such as DailyPost Nigeria, Sahara Reporters, and All Africa (but nowhere I’ve found in the American mainstream media), it has now come out the Liberian government likely knew that Patrick […]

When A U.S. President IS Muslim Brotherhood

muslim-brotherhood-obama A short but explosive video of former CIA Director James Woolsey in 2006 has been introduced into evidence at the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his officers. In that video, Woolsey advocates the removal of Middle Eastern dictators, even mentioning Mubarak by name while strongly implying that after the fall of Saddam […]

Police Release Surveillance Video: Michael Brown Was Allegedly Involved in Robbery Before Fatal Shooting

michael-brown-surveillance-video A news conference was held this morning regarding the Michael Brown case. Brown and his purported accomplice, Dorian Johnson, allegedly stole some cigars from a convenience store just before Noon on Saturday. It could be easily presumed that this was the reason for police being dispatched to the area. reports: Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson released the […]

Reid Blocks Bills, Blames Republicans

harry_reid_filibuster Over and over, the American people have heard Obama blame Republicans for refusing to enact legislation, which basically means voting "his way" on bills or supporting "his ideology" one hundred percent. As we have learned, it is not the Republicans who have stalled legislation since the House has passed hundreds of bills. Those bills have […]