Team Obama Wins Mercy for a Sponsor of Terrorism

Screen-Shot-2015-07-28-at-10.58.02-AM Imam Obama doing the heavy lifting for jihad savagery. I warned Atlas readers months ago that Obama was working to exculpate jihad groups — beheading, Jew-hatred, creed apartheid, etc. are religious imperatives. Obama was raised on all this as a young boy in Indonesia. "Team Obama wins mercy for a sponsor of terrorism," By NY […]

Battle of the Presidential Billionaires

2013_03_14_obsr25_graysondantzicphoto-143-300x180 Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., parent company of hated Fox News, thinks that one billionaire in the presidential race isn't good enough. He tweeted out his desire for another to enter. And the other billionaire is none other than Michael "Nanny State" Bloomberg. Is this the beginning of a draft Bloomberg campaign? I doubt […]

Can Federal Judges Run Public Schools?

Rankin-County-School-District Judicial tyranny, specifically in our American court system, has usurped legislative jurisdiction, and, I am so bold as to add. divine jurisdiction, in our Constitutional Republic. We saw its egregious head again this past weekend, after a Mississippi school district canceled Brandon High School's marching band playing of the Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art" […]

The Shemitah Myths Exposed

Shemitah-Report-Cover-promo-pic-21 Editor's Note: At Freedom Outpost, we have carried at least one author who will reference the Shemitah. For the most part, that is not why I carry the articles, but because of the content of things that we know will happen in September of this year. Often, because I don't buy into "last days madness" […]

This Is What Clinton Is Hiding In Her Emails

clinton-emails-300x210 Swamp land in Florida, anyone? From following the evidence trail for 3 years, I am convinced that the Clinton emails deal with Benghazi and the ongoing ISIS/drug cartel invasion of the United States. Phoenix Area Invaded by the Cartels and ISIS While Obama Does Nothing Take four minutes and watch the video linked here, regarding the […]

Iran Says No to U.S. Embassy in Tehran

Iran-Hostage-Crisis-copy Billions of US taxpayer dollars to aid and assist the world's biggest sponsor of worldwide terrorism in producing a nuclear weapons arsenal, accompanied by a healthy dose of humiliation, threats and aggression. Frankly, I am glad they won't allow us to open an embassy. Thank you, Iran. Nothing has changed since 1979 — except that […]

Black Lives Matter — Really?

blacklivesmatter-2015 We hear and see this hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, everywhere today. Has anyone ever wondered just who established this group and why? Many people probably have not looked into the background or into where the money for such a wild array of name-calling comes from and what the real reason behind it is. Curious, we began to […]

How to Survive a Stock Market Crash

How-to-Survive-a-Stock-Market-Crash Last week, our stock market began to freefall. By Friday, August 21, the market was down more than 1300 points. Over the course of two days, it dropped further than any single-day crash in American history. But it wasn't just the US stock market that had a bad week. According to Zero Hedge, markets across […]