Homosexual Movement Is Deadly To Our Natural Rights

homosexuality-sin Listen to the audio version of this article At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime has taken over our nation. Under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), we have seen unprecedented lawlessness from the executive branch of the federal government. The […]

Amnesty for 34 Million Illegal Aliens is Coming

037244435_sign_xlarge The ISIS threat has already been forgotten and the Ebola crisis has been dumped in the lap of the Department of Defense. Climate change has been declared to be the number one threat to our national security. The next manufactured crisis to be resolved is amnesty by fiat. Soldiers, highly trained to fight wars only, […]

Preprogrammed Robotic Democrats

Yes-Man Rush Limbaugh has been on national radio for 26 years. Every once in a while, he'll get the question, "How long do you plan to do this?" to which he consistently replies, "Until everyone agrees with me." Well, that's a grand goal, albeit a bit lofty, and we who are regular listeners know he says […]

First-Ever EPA Chief may have Lied to Congress

William-Ruckelshaus Environmentalist attempts to showcase Republican support for "climate action" this summer may be backfiring because of one former political appointee. The Environmental Protection Agency's first-ever chief administrator may have lied to a congressional committee about his ties to environmental groups. William Ruckelshaus was appointed to be the EPA's first administrator in 1970. He quickly gained […]

How to Honor the One True God

TenCommandments of God It is now beyond question that Christianity is under direct assault in the culture war. "The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity to Annise Parker, the city's first openly daughter of Sodom mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could […]

Who’s Afraid of Bradlee Dean?

10744788_859744667392304_852122793_n The opposition to Christ and His Church has always taken place throughout history, whether it was in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Today is no different. Bradlee Dean is one of those on the front lines occupying the ground that Christ has won for His people. As a result, he has come under […]

Islamic Jihadists Engage in Multiple Attacks in Canada - Multiple Gunmen in Islamic State Garb

Screen-Shot-2014-10-22-at-12.32.43-PM Well planned, well coordinated multiple attacks in Canada. War. Ottawa-Gatineau bridges have been closed according to reports. Military bases, More Shots were fired at the Chateau Laurier Hotel and police are confirming three separate shootings BBC: Ottawa buildings in lockdown include US embassy, Chateau Laurier hotel, Canadian Parliament, Rideau shopping centre Canadian Senator describes multiple […]

Entrepreneur Creates Super Low Cost, Cashless Grocery

1413592226752_wps_81_Stelios_Haji_Ioannou_insi An entrepreneur in Great Britain is creating the first cashless supermarket, appealing to people on government aid and in poorly-paid jobs. Stelios Haji-Ioannou is the creator of easyFoodstore budget supermarket. He also created bargain airline easyJet and windowless rooms at easyHotel. The no-frills food and service will also eventually not take cash. A spokesperson for […]

Saying No to Graven Images like the Supreme Court

supreme-court-religious-freedom Last Monday the Supreme Court, in typical fashion, issued its decree for the destruction of God's Holy Institution of marriage in America. By refusing a writ of certiorari, it condemned five more States immediately, and potentially all the remaining States in the union, to have sodomite un-marriage forced upon them. What is very significant in […]

Project Coast: PROOF of Weaponized Ebola in the 80s… “No independent verification that the pathogens created were ever destroyed”

project-coast-600x337 Have you ever heard of Project Coast? Not many people have. During the South African "apartheid era" of the 1980s there was a research project dedicated to weaponizing a number of viruses, including Ebola and Marburg, to be used for population control and to potentially assassinate political leaders. This study is not only proof that Ebola has already been weaponized in the past; […]

The Government Larceny Is Larger than You Think!

621187-a5aa5024-1ddd-11e4-9498-229fc8e204d4 Last week the mayor of Houston enraged many Christians when the city subpoenaed the sermons of some Houston area pastors. This got me to thinking… Suppose you wake up tomorrow morning, walk downstairs and find a thief in your living room rifling through your furniture. He has already pocketed some cash from your desk drawer, […]