Democrats Ask Obama to Resettle 65,000 Syrian Refugees

Libya-invaded The only refugees we should be resettling from this war torn region are Christians. Instead, the US stands by while they are ethnically cleansed from their ancient homelands. This will forever be a bloody stain on an anti-American, anti-freedom, jihad-aligned Presidency. Obama has already imported hundreds of thousands of these "refugees." More of the poison […]

Obama Admin Went To Jeb For Common Core Tips

120612_jeb_bush_ap_328 Emails released Thursday by Buzzfeed reveal that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sought and received advice about Common Core from an unlikely source: former Florida Gov. and possible Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. The emails date to Sept. 23, 2013, when Common Core was first becoming a national issue. The emails on Duncan's end were very brief. The first contained the […]

Calls For Investigation Into Mosque that Hatched Garland Jihadi

mosque-1-copy I was on Fox and Friends this morning discussing the free speech rally in Phoenix in front of the Garland jihadi's mosque, where he was a longtime member. Was it investigated? Even after the attack? If not, why not? The mosque lied repeatedly about the jihad members. —-Simpon's friend Courtney Lonergan remembers Elton Simpson would never waver from […]

Phoenix VA Whistleblower Calls for Resignation of Officials Amids ER Staffing Crisis

140508-phoenix-veterans-affairs-jms-2142_581321620020ffd115672974706c8359 Jared Kinnaman, a vocational rehabilitation counselor and whistleblower at the Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, is calling for the resignation of Phoenix interim director Glen Grippen, who replaced Sharon Helman, and Secretary Robert McDonald. In two letters sent out Friday, Kinnaman recounted his struggle and efforts to promote accountability at the Phoenix VA, which so far have amounted to very […]

Want to Feed the Homeless? That Will Be $400, Please

homeless Homelessness in the U.S. is continuing to skyrocket, despite what the government would like us to believe. And if you want to help your fellow Americans who are in need, well…there is a price to be paid. You see, the government isn't going to just LET you go out and feed hungry folks. Nope. Like […]

Hypocritical New York Times Refuses to Print Muhammad Cartoon - Publishes Painting of Dung-Covered Virgin Mary

Screen-Shot-2015-05-26-at-9.57.21-AM-800x502 The New York Times' hypocrisy regarding displays of "offensive" religious imagery runs unabated. An article yesterday about the sale of Chris Ofili's controversial painting showing the Virgin Mary clotted with elephant dung against a porn-collage background, was accompanied by a photo (below) of the offensive work.   Newsbusters: Yet when the paper refused to reprint a cartoon of […]

Common Core? Math Argument on Facebook Goes Viral

053015_1641_ApparentlyS1.jpg OK, brace yourselves for the ridiculously stupid. Screenshots from a group post on Facebook have gone viral. Why? Because someone just doesn't know basic math, and they want to argue about it… but it gets worse. Penny Hayes of LaFayette, Georgia posted an offer of bottle of laundry detergent in a Facebook yard sale group. […]

A Recession within a Recession

Recession-Public-Domain On Friday, the federal government announced that the U.S. economy contracted at a 0.7 percent annual rate during the first quarter of 2015.  This unexpected shrinking of the economy is being primarily blamed on “harsh” weather during the first three months of this year and on the strengthening of the U.S. dollar.  Most economists are […]

The New 10 Commandments

Cracka-550x289 I always thought of Lehigh University as a fairly elite school. Friends and relatives of mine have attended. It's not an Ivy League university, but it is right up there, so I was a bit surprised when I heard that Lehigh hosted a "hip-hop symposium." Can anyone explain what a "hip-hop symposium" is? Because I […]

Oh, the Horror! The Duggars Actually SPANK Their Children!

shocked When the Forces of Pagan Progress and Tolerance smell Christian blood in the water, things happen. Weird things. Wacky things. Dangerously weird and wacky things. The Pagans get active. They get crazy crazier. Their eyes roll back, their mouths open wide, and they lose what little control they ever had as they're overwhelmed and compelled […]