Europe’s Migrant Crisis May be Coming to America

hungary As we deal with the overwhelming crisis of illegals flooding our country, we are now faced with the call from Europe for America to do something about the surge in migrants from the Middle East. Fox reports: The surge of refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn regions is putting immense pressure not only on Europe but […]

Just How Desperate are Voters for Change?

TrumpSanders-e1441247794698 I wonder if Hillary Clinton's campaign team is starting to look for the exits yet. The once presumptive Democrat candidate continues to struggle in the polls, and as the half of America who already disliked her are starting to despise her, another troubling trend has been developing. Namely, the half of the country that used […]

Hillary’s Real Links to Terrorists and Nazis

flickr3 Last week, retired Major League Baseball pitcher and analyst for ESPN Curt Schilling was suspended by the sports network for posting a "controversial" meme about Muslims on Twitter. The tweet in question allegedly compared Muslims to Nazis via a quote that said in part, "Only 5-10 percent of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7 […]

God's Law, War and a Jailed County Clerk

tencommandments Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD'S side? Let him come unto me.” Exodus 32:26 This last week, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune (called The Red Star by locals) posted a picture of a group of people claiming to be affiliated with Black Lives Matter. In […]

Kim Davis’ Stand - What Difference Does it Make?

FYLwuRL Please pardon me for stealing the title from the lips of Hillary Clinton. Today I am on my way to Ashland, Kentucky to stand with persecuted County Clerk Kim Davis. And today I find myself both discouraged and disgusted. I am disgusted by the reaction of Christians regarding this whole "homo-marriage" fiasco. I am disgusted […]

The Safest Place to Escape the New World Order

iceland-2 There are many of us who are all too well aware of the dangers that lie ahead for those people who speak out against the tyranny that is sweeping our country. In modern day America, this is a very dangerous time to be outspoken. At places like Washington State University, using the terms "boy," "girl," […]

How ISIS Wants to Start Armageddon

photo The 700 Club featured Robert Spencer's newly-released must-read, The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISIS. Get it at in paperback (order here) and on Kindle (order here). Savage Enemy: How ISIS Wants to Start Armageddon, CBN, September 2, 2015 Terror expert Robert Spencer exposes the mysterious inner workings of the Islamic State in his latest […]

South Carolina Christians Gather to Stand Up Against the Antichrist Attack on Christianity

su 10,000 Christians gathered together in South Carolina to stand up against the antichrist attack against Christianity. According to the report: At least 10,000 people gathered at the South Carolina State House for "Stand with God, Pro-Family Rally," where Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Rick Perry and U.S. senators spoke about faith and moral issues, […]