Persecution of Christians is Undeniable

persecuted-christians Has persecution of Christians begun in earnest in America? You be the judge. Here are just a few samples of what is taking place in our land:     •    Blaine Adamson was ordered by the city of Lexington, Kentucky, to undergo 'sensitivity training" for refusing to print T-shirts for a sodomite pride festival.     •    Photographer Elaine Huguenin was ordered by […]

Sympathy for the Devil – A Means to Destruction

Sympathy_for_the_devil_by_Yarrum2 There was once a story of a merciful captain of a ship. While a passing ship shot at the captain's ship, the captain showed mercy and warned him not to shoot again. The ship shot at him again, but the kind captain did not retaliate. His "mercy" ended up bringing destruction not only upon himself, […]

Are Youth in America becoming Un-American?

image.php On my travels throughout this great nation, I have the privilege to speak to youth in public or private schools and occasionally churches. Last week, while touring in Iowa, I had the chance to address a mixed crowd that included a high school church youth group. My first thought when speaking to youth is, "Awesome, […]

Uranium — The Mother’s Milk of Politicians

s13 Uranium. Much in the news these days. Who has it? Who wants it? Who do we not want to have it? Uranium. You may recall that it was listed, down toward the bottom, on that funny looking "Periodic Chart of the Elements" on the wall in your high school chemistry class. (It was so long […]

The Betrayal Papers: The Chicago Connection

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Amy Rule, Rahm Emanuel This, the sixth and final installment of The Betrayal Papers, will explore various projects, schemes, and associations that tie Obama and his associates together. A preponderance of these project are based out of Chicago, the crossroad of the global Left, Islamic "civilization jihad," and the Communist mafia. The themes to observe in each case are […]

Is Barack Obama a Murderer?

obama-shhh In a previous piece, I stated that Barack Obama had declared himself to be a murderer. This offended some folks as perhaps too harsh a word. But I was under the impression that putting a bullet through the eye of a man is, to say the least, a harsh thing to do. I was speaking […]

America, the Broken Beacon?

beacon America used to be the country of freedom where people dreamed of immigrating to if only they could get a passport, a visa, enough money to fly or sail across the ocean, if only the border guards would not arrest them in the U.S. if they had no papers, if only the military guards in […]

Jeb’s Bold Experiment

AP833875316365-1080crop-jeb-bush Did you hear the news? Jeb Bush has dropped out the 2016 presidential race. Oh, you haven't heard? Yes, he still wishes to become the next monarch-in-chief but has decided to not actually run for the office. Instead, Jeb, ever the innovator, has decided to let a super PAC run in his place. Well, that's […]