Judge: Obama Illegally and Unconstitutionally Creates a Crime Which Congress Rejected on Three Occasions

Andrew_Napolitano_by_Gage_Skidmore_(16678198985) Recently, Judge Andrew Napolitano was interviewed regarding the new unconstitutional fiat executive order he issued earlier this week. According to Napolitano, Obama just usurped his authority to impose something that Congress has rejected on three different occasions. "Some of what the president did is well within his authority," began Napolitano. "Can he hire more FBI […]

Google Proves Widespread Muslim Pedophilia

080824-1754-ANA-sgt-w-eyeshadow-little-boy-email It is no secret that wherever Muslims go, massive sexual abuse follows, and especially with homosexuality and pedophilia. While there are homosexuals and pedophiles in every culture in the world, it is an unreported, understudied, and ignored problem. It is so widespread that it is impossible to ignore, which is why the US military tried […]

Spike Lee is an Idiot… No Really!

spikelee Apart from his undeniable creativity, film director Spike Lee is clearly an idiot. Now, I'm not name-calling; I truly mean that the man is an idiot in the literal sense, perhaps just a notch or two above needing 24-hour adult supervision. I've discussed before how disheartening it can be when one discovers that an entertainer […]

Obama’s Draconian Gun Control Actions

obama-upset-Reuters-640x480 January 2016 will go down in history as the month that a United States President went against his Constitutional Oath of office to begin the confiscation of guns from those who legally own them. At this point, many will say this is bull, but remember that, in 2013, I wrote an article showing that Obama […]

Fly Me to the Moon

[epa02983492 A grab made from a video published by Sham News Network on a social network, shows a Syrian (R) displaying a placard as others protest in Hama, Syria, on 28 October 2011. According to media sources, at least 29 people were killed on 28 October when Syrian security forces fired on anti-government protesters demanding the imposition of a no-fly zone in the country to protect civilians, opposition activists said. EPA/SHAM NEWS NETWORK/HANDOUT BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. EPA IS USING AN IMAGE FORM AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE, THEREFORE EPA COULD NOT CONFIRM THE EXACT DATE AND SOURCE OF THE IMAGE HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES] *** [] **Usable by LA Only** Some of our more bellicose presidential candidates want a no-fly zone in Syria.  Some are adamant about it, and some are nonchalant—but, make no mistake, however they express it, a no-fly zone in Syria is not a tool in the war against ISIS.  ISIS doesn't have an air force.  A no-fly zone in Syria can […]