Needed: A Million More Like Kim Davis

150905-kim-davis-banner-1557_c29e2a88cccfc48f99d34d1cbd382444.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 For the first time in American history a woman has been imprisoned by the government for merely exercising her Christian faith. War has been declared on Christ and His followers. And there's no turning back. Anti-Christian persecution is the civil rights cause of our time. The cultural Marxists in power have seceded from our constitutional […]

SURPRISE: TSA Agents Caught on Video Molesting Passengers

Susanne.Posel-Headline.News_.Official-tsa.pat_.down_.body_.scanner.olest_.grop_.passengers.denver.airport.tenneessee_occupycorporatism New footage of a groping Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agent has been released, which shows Ty Spicha inappropriately fondling male passengers at the Denver International Airport (DIA). The DIA refused for months to release the footage because of an ongoing investigation which was initiated by a passenger tip and resulted in the eventual firing of […]

Muslim 'Refugee' Invasion of Europe

2BEA309600000578-3219069-image-a-5_1441222084815-e1441441670508 The photo of a child washed up on a beach has become iconic of the massive Muslim migration to Europe. The child's death is tragic, but the media's cynical exploitation of the image is grotesque. While the media hand-wring and wail about the poor migrants overwhelming Europe, it is a crisis, but not the crisis […]

The Fraudulent Federal Reserve

federal reserve I want you to listen to the words of George Orwell: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We live in a time of universal deceit. Though we are deluged by information, much of the information that reaches us is distorted. It is false. This is not an accident. […]

Will FBI Respond? Troll Blatantly Threatening Police Lives!

2 Two days ago, on our Facebook page, FreedomDaily with Brian Kolfage, an individual sent us a message saying "Save a life. Kill a cop." He's making numerous threats of war, murder, and violence against police officers and departments nationwide. The Facebook account associated with these threats are from Jason Foss: with a Facebook user ID of 1010480093.     […]

Why Would a Devout Muslim Want To Be a Flight Attendant in the First Place, When Half Your Job Is Serving Alcohol?

Express_Jet_facebook_cover It's not happenstance — it's a very deliberate campaign of attrition. Chip, chip, chip ….. chop. A Muslim flight attendant, Charee Stanley, claims that she was suspended from her job with ExpressJet Airlines because she refused to serve alcohol. She has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – and now the […]