Police Officers Targeted Across the Country

Officer Shot From coast to coast, police officers are suddenly under attack. Two Los Angeles police officers barely dodged bullets Sunday night when two gunmen fired at their car. The officers returned fire, but no one was hurt. One man was arrested and another is still on the loose, local news reported. The attack has LAPD officers ready […]

New Mexico Residents Get a Christmas Greeting From ISIS: “We are already here”

albuquerque-journal-isis-hack-600x300 It was reported over the weekend that mobile readers of the Albuquerque Journal received a message from hackers claiming to be members of ISIS. The message was not transmitted via the regular website, but only through the mobile version. The below image is a screenshot of a message delivered via the Journal's mobile site on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) Morning. Chelsea Schilling reports: "You'll […]

Should We Stand Upon the Bible or the Constitution?

3258 At the "Contending for the Truth" conference in August of 2013, R.C. Sproul recounted a conversation he had with Francis Schaeffer. The question put to Dr. Schaeffer from Dr. Sproul was, "What is your greatest concern for the future of America?" Dr. Schaeffer replied, "Statism." What I have continued to see as a growing position […]

Obama Golf Game Forces Bride to Change Venues

536367599 If anyone has any doubts about the depths of Barack Obama's narcissism, the recent event in Hawaii should remove all doubt. Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue, Jr., both Army captains, were scheduled to be married at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on Sunday, December 17th. However, they had to change their venue. One day prior […]

ObamaCare Forces More Hospitals to Close

HospitalClosed_LG A remarkable photograph taken by Lazar Dinu in 1989 shows patients from a hospital in Bucharest, overjoyed that the communist dictator was gone and they would be able to find drugs in pharmacies, doctors would treat them without bribes and would not kill them during simple surgeries, hospitals would be modernized and actually heal patients, […]

Advocating for Illegal Driver’s Licenses

ca_illegal_licenses A few days ago, Amy Taxin at AP Los Angeles wrote an article about illegal immigrants obtaining driver's licenses, and the troubles they may encounter. The article was entitled "Immigrants get Warning on Drivers Licenses." She begins by writing "While tens of thousands of immigrants living in the United States illegally are preparing to apply […]

Police, Racism, and a Happy New Year

Police Shooting Missouri Events in Ferguson, Missouri, this year have definitely put this city in the center of public awareness.  But these events, which followed in the aftermath of a shooting death of a man by a police officer, have also led to protests in other cities including Dallas, Boston, LA, and New York.  Modern day so called […]

Whatever Became of Adultery

1352163230_4310_adultery As this year, 2014, draws to a close let's take time to reflect back on the past twelve months; its accomplishments and its challenges. For those of us who have run for office, there are some very powerful memories. As for me, one of those was the vitriolic response in the press was to the […]